We are Back!

Christmas 1 - Ashley and Dede 0

Dede: We had so many things planned this Christmas for Accra Craves, so many but we couldn't hang and Christmas won. So I want to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, Merry No Day of Work, Happy New Years, Happy Resolution and Welcome to 2016! Now we can move all the wonderful plans we had to 2016 because 2016 is #team new year, new me.

Ash: Our Christmas loss was more me than Dede, and my boo loyal so she didn’t go off and take over Accra Craves with no warning. No Hiatus, no coup de blog. But we missed you and we hope you missed us just as much, maybe even more. Happy new year to all. My only resolution this year is to read at least one book a month, what’s yours?

Dede: Anyways, a little recap of my Christmas. It was literally party all night, sleep all day and now my body is paying for it with this cough that doesn't want to leave. But I'm taking my antibii’s religiously, so say a little prayer for me guys. I had a friend from Nigeria over during the early parts of Christmas and when I sent her the itinerary for the week it included 2 day parties, so my babe packed her cute summer dresses. Tell me why we went to one day party at 8 and the other at 10. Evidently, Ghanaians still don't understand day parties. I think the problem is no one wants to get there first and the time just keeps pushing back.

Ash: My Christmas was a lot more busy. I spent my days running around planning and working and my nights planning how I was going spend my days. i.e. no sleep. But I must say it was worth every single breath. Towards the end of Christmas and sometimes during my hectic schedule, I did sneak in a couple nights at a few places, and the end of Christmas was full on turn up for me as I had friends visiting from New York. Quick question, how is it that when you have *foreign friends* visiting, every Tom Dick and Harry, who usually don’t talk to you suddenly wants to hug and kiss you and be your best friend? Ghana boys why? You know yourselves.

Dede: The new Twist night club opened this Christmas and it was a favorite for many seeing as it was packed every single day. They really went to the drawing board with this new Twist because the ac’s never fail. The first day I went there, which was before Christmas in Ghana officially started, it wasn't too packed and your girl had goosebumps. I was there dreaming about my blanket at home. They have about 16 ac's in there all on 17 degree Celsius so trust me when I say you won't be dropping any sweat in there.

Ash: I love the new Twist. Disclaimer: I hated the old Twist, it was way too small and hot and I really don’t get the concept of dressing up to go clubbing to stand in a garden and chat. Stay at home, call your friends on the phone, we glam up to turn up not to sit around and chat. Fix your lives. The New Twist however is not about that life. I love the segmentation of the tables, you ask your friend where they are and the response, “W.” I love the concept.

Dede: I love the segmentation of the tables as well, my favorite is W and I. If someone tells you they are at the first T, judge them because that booth is so sectioned off and dark, what don't you want us to see?

Ash: The space is average sized but everything surrounds one central dancing space, what this means is, if you’re not at a table, you’re on the dance floor by default. So dance or be pushed around, no space for posers! Again. I love it! I haven’t really tried the drinks at Twist yet so I can’t give a real review there, I was either not drinking or sticking to straight gin and tonic, I stay trying to cut calories. Judge me not people.  

Dede: Now the Dj at twist is the one I have to have a word with. I don't know if when Twist went on break he did as well because I personally feel like he/she doesn't get it. How one can switch from Trap trap in a bando to Linda by Samini is a phenomenon I'm yet to wrap my head around.

Ash: I liked the Twist DJ, never mind Dede, she is just prejudice to anything that’s not Soho, they have to hire her. The DJ was on point every night in my opinion, never mind one night he turned on some gospel music for us, I continued to jam chale, it’s not like Jesus hadn’t already seen me, or? The DJ’s play everything from hip hop to azonto, to house, its a dynamic club that caters to generally anyone, I spotted my older sis and her hubby in there one night and we jammed. I love Twist honestly, well except for FM and the small tyranny he likes to control at the gate, but I can’t stunt his hustle and his claim to fame. Do you boo.

Dede: Plot 7. I was wow’d by this place the first time I went, which was for a private party. The cocktails were unlimited and I became best friends with the bartender. I didn't really pay attention to the music because the cocktails had clearly won me over and I thought I had found a spot for Christmas. Some came in mason jars, I already told you about how everything tastes 5 times better in a mason jar. The cocktails are worth the hype but at 50 cedis a pop, I don't know how much one in the funemployed team can indulge. I loved the setup of plot 7 with the LED bar and the exposed ceilings so I thought it was going to be my go to. I jumped the gun. The music at plot 7, before I go into the genres played, isn't surround, I don't know how to explain it. The music is loud but is not surround sound and I feel that's a major issue at a club. You want to hear and feel the music, at plot 7, in my opinion ( before you plot 7 fanatics come and chew my head off) you only hear it. Also, I think Plot 7 needs to take a cue from twist on who their Ac provider is because boy does the back get hot, they took Nelly’s line from “Hot in Herre” she's got that sweat dripping all over her body a bit too literally but no club took it more literally than Play at Soho.

Ash: Dede and her private party had me so hyped for Plot 7. One of my other girls was also in there like every night prior to them opening and my entire Christmas hype was built around going to Plot 7. Lol, man was I fooled. As you may have realized if you read our blog frequently, I don’t really like spaces that are confused or that fail to meet their desired feel or concept. Plot 7 in my opinion is a weird space, I don’t get the lounge outside, I don’t get the couches inside, I don’t get the VIP space. I do however get the overall concept they were trying to go for. Has anyone been to a warehouse club anywhere in America? New Yorkers, a perfect example is Webster Hall or even Theatre 48. You walk in and you immediately feel the warehouse vibe, it’s spacious, almost huge, the open ceilings where you can see the pipes running through the building, the surround sound with the music bouncing off the walls, vibrating through your body and forcing you to move. The centralized bar, so you can order from any angle to cater to large numbers and to permit for multiple spaces. The feel and the vibe is unique and very specific. Plot 7 falls so short every time I walk in it’s a struggle. The positioning of the bar actually secludes the front of the club from the back and the worst part is when the club gets packed, you sit and struggle through human traffic to get from one side to the next. This space wasn’t well thought out or well executed. Again, I never stayed long enough to taste a drink, I was always itching to leave. The DJ wasn’t very convincing either, but then again like Dede mentioned it was probably the poor sound within the room that was stunting his groove. Now let’s move outside, lol. That line. I rest my case.  

Dede: Now, I'm one of the Play at Soho’s biggest fans. I'm always on the sidelines cheering them on. Ask any of my friends, when it's time to decide where to go, I'm always gunning for play at Soho but my lovely friends own invisible shares at Twist so I was always on the losing side but I won twice this Christmas. This Christmas the Play/Mint team had different themes for their club night. I went for Circus, Play Time and 50 shades of Play. I can't remember much from the circus night only because no one was hyped but they had dancers in colorful tutus and dancing little people (midgets in the context of a circus theme) as well. I honestly expected to see a tiger, what's a circus without a tiger but I sometimes live in lalaland as you can tell. The Play Time was my favorite, I love Disney. Can't wait to watch Lion King with my kids, just putting it out there and yes I know you don't care. But moving on, they had cotton candy and Minnie and Mickey doing the shakiti bobo. Our table was next to the Ac so I didn't experience the heat until I went for 50 shades of Play. You know when you have that gut feeling not to do something, just listen to your gut and sleep at home if that's what it's telling you. First of all, that day the outside of Soho was like aviation on 24th, If you are unfamiliar with that, ask anyone between the ages of 22-28 about aviation. That still didn't stop me and I made my way in. It was like a sauna, infact I think a sauna is cooler. It was like a stove. I have to believe the ac’s weren't working that day but they just decided to wing it with the belief that we won't notice. We did! I had to put ice in tissue and dab it on my neck to stay cool and the ice was melting rapidly. Or maybe going with the theme they wanted to turn things steamy by turning off the AC. Just trying to wrap my head around the heat. I love Play because of the music, Dj Mic Smith for the win. I feel like he gets it uno. Some argue that he's predictable but I'll take predictable over spontaneous, who switches from Wiz kid to John legend in a blink of an eye. Did anyone ask to be put in their feelings?

Ash: I’m generally a Soho fan more so than Mint, just because I love the Soho space. I LOOOOOOVE the space. Everything about it. Love Love Love. Not as much as Dede but it is definitely one of my top 5 places to party in Accra. The music is always on point, yes sometimes predictable and I even with my occasional visits, I’m already conversant with the schedule. I.e. What genre of music to expect at each hour, but still, the space, the feel, the people, Soho is where you want to be. It’s definitely a space you want to experience. I only managed to grace Soho once over the Christmas season, it was the night of my sister’s bachelorette so I was knackered, beaten, tired. But I couldn’t marry her off with no turn up, so I washed my face in some champagne, made a few mixed drinks and partied the night away. You see Soho is the type of space that if you arrive at sleepy, can in its hyped vibe wake you up to jam. That is the kind of club you want to be at. I believe this night was the disney night and as a Mickey fan, yes, all my phone cases (well majority of them) have Mickey mouse on it. I tell no lies, I have plush toys too on my bed, judge away, I don’t care. So yes, I was in there boogying with Mickey, me and bae on the dance floor. I love how innovative Soho is, and the ways in which they attempt to elevate the party scene in Accra. Kudos to you and more grease to your elbows. I look forward to partying again at Soho sometime soon. But no lie though, Soho/Mint/Play Team give my girl a gold member card, cuz the way she be hyping you around town. She’s legit.