Dining with Midunu

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner in Accra 

After stalking them on Instagram for an unhealthy amount of time, we finally signed up for Midunu's nomadic dinner and we are glad we did. Midunu is a lifestyle company with the intention of celebrating Africa’s cultural and culinary heritage. Just stole that from their philosophy page. They have an event space, catering service, nomadic dinners (Yasss) and chocolates. Yummy for our tummy right. Jumping straight into our experience

Ash: Being the shy one in this duo I was relying heavily on Dede to handle all the mingling, which didn’t happen. There were drinks served on the patio with party go’ers or more specifically dinner comers hanging around drinking or tasting the hors d’oeuvres being served. Dede and I disagreed in our hors d’oeuvres preference, but we still gobbled them regardless. I had a gin and tonic, cause diet and stuffs but note that you have to pay for your drinks separately as this isn’t included in the cost of the dinner.

Midunu drink menu
Midunu thanksgiving dinner menu

First Course : Poached Pear Salad, Spiced Cashews, Curried Shallot Vinaigrette

Dede: The curried shallot vinaigrette was everything and more. That was hands down my favorite part of the salad and I wish the plate had more vinaigrette to hide the taste of the leaves. I am off my fake healthy tip and still wondering how vegetarians do it. The vinaigrette should have been heavy drizzled on the salad and then I would have been in food haven. The combination of poached pear, leaves, spiced cashews, and the curried shallot vinaigrette was definitely a new experience. But I’m still team ghana salad!

Ash: I second that with every taste bud on my tongue. The curried shallot vinaigrette was nutty for some reason, which I loved. I couldn’t isolate the curry element of it, but the nutty texture and taste was complemented by the cashews in the salad. I as the resident grass eater absolutely loved this salad, every aspect of it. I will definitely order it off any menu.

Poached Pear Salad, Spiced Cashews, Curried Shallot Vinaigrette midunu

Second Course : Corn Bread Pudding with Sauteed Mushrooms or Peppered Chicken Gizzard with rum mashed plantain

Dede: The second course was my favorite meal of the night after dessert. Only because dessert always wins. Honestly, Ashley’s corn bread pudding was the winner of the night. I can’t even explain what it tastes like but it was so good. It was sweet and savory at the same time. I will order it again and again. The peppered chicken gizzard which was my order was also a sweet and savory experience in my mouth. I love Midunu’s take on Ghanaian meals and the idea of rum mashed plantain is genius. Relax, we didn’t leave there boozed. It was more like rum infused plantain. I’m not a fan of gizzard though, I don’t get it, I don’t get why people like it. Which part of the body is it from. It’s a no in my books so this meal will have gotten a 10 if the gizzard was replaced with peppered beef. Typical Ghana babe, at least I didn’t say chicken.

Ash: It was a Thanksgiving dinner. How did you not order the cornbread? What is Thanksgiving without cornbread? Homowo without kpekple? Impossible. This cornbread pudding was amazing, the mushrooms, the texture, everything about it was yummy. I had tasted cornbread pudding in the past so I knew not to expect the regular cakey texture of cornbread. But this dish was yumma yumma yumma! 10/10 for Selasie and the entire Midunu team. I must admit that I loved Dede’s peppered gizzard just as much. I know plantain is sweet, but it was like a shock when I tasted the plantain purée. It was just so sweet and complemented those peppered gizzards so well. It was just a burst of flavor, spicy and then sweet. It was so yummy and the plating was definitely 5star restaurant status. Loving Midunu already. 

Corn Bread Pudding with Sauteed Mushrooms or Peppered Chicken Gizzard with rum mashed plantain midunu
Bulgur Wheat Stuffed Quail midunu

Third Course : Bulgur Wheat Stuffed Quail (kweɪl)

Dede: Are Quail and Guinea fowl cousins because they sure do share the same texture. After my second course, I was on cloud 9 but the quail brought me back to earth. I think I must have switched up the cutlery because it was a struggle cutting into that quail. I was driving the struggle bus actually. Chef Selassie did give us a heads up to use our hands if we had any problems but I didn’t even know where to start of in biting into it. I think bulgur wheat is an acquired taste and I haven’t acquired that taste yet.

Ash: Uh huh! Bulgur wheat! Bulgur wheat had me all types of confused. I'm Queen of trying new things, but this had me digging deep to understand it. I didn't dislike it, but I'm not sure I loved it. I have to agree with Dede, it's definitely an acquired taste. In taste and texture it can be likened to quinoa, but more of a crunchy quinoa. Then it was seasoned to high heaven, which I liked. You got a black pepper flakes type kick when you ate the Bulgur wheat. I'm not sure what Bulgur wheat is supposed to taste like, but I'm guessing this is what a great plate of Bulger wheat should be. The quail I could do without to be utterly honest. I ended up having to use my hands, the meat was a little tough and underseasoned for me. Chale I just wanted some succulent meat and I didn't get it. 

stuffed quail midunu

In between Shot

Dede: So after the main course, the waiters passed around a frozen shot and I don’t know why for the Johnny Just come life of me, i thought that was dessert. I was so disappointed, but when I tried it disappointment don vanish. It was a spiced shot. You already know how much I love Chai and it’s cousins, pumpkin and cinnamon. My taste buds tell me this was a frozen pumpkin shot and it was so yummy. I could drink it everyday! Chef Selassie, if you could pass the recipe this way, I’ll owe you one.

Ash: Creme brûlée addict in the house. And I was so confused by this shot. We were really there thinking this was the creme brûlée, like how did Midunu achieve an iced creme brûlée. But mehnnn oh mehnnn this shot was sooo good. Soo soo good. I have no idea what it was, I just loved it.

candied ginger midunu

Dessert : Pumpkin Chai Creme brulee and Candied ginger
Dede: When I saw the dessert coming I was all types of happy, after my war with the quail I just wanted to sink my teeth into something warm and spiced and the creme brulee was just that. The pumpkin chai and vanilla flavors bounced off perfectly with the warm custard base.

Ash: And then bae came to play. That heavenly yumminess from God came down. It's like before Accra Craves I couldn't find creme brûlée anywhere in Accra. Now it's like they be following me everywhere I go. I ain't mad doe. The candied ginger on the top of that creme brûlée gave this dessert an amazing new twist. A whole new life. Midunu is here to break boundaries, and I am here for all the amazingness she intends to plate

pumpkin chai creme brulee midunu

Midunu dinners are definitely a must do on your bucket list if you are Ghana. We particularly loved the fact that we were eating with people from various walks of life, being the youngest there, no one on our side of the table had snapchat and one person didn’t understand why we had to document every single meal..millennial babies, dad, millennial babies. Don’t be like us when you go, mingle during cocktail hour, you never know, you could find a new friend, potential client or business connect maybe even bae.

Customer Service was a 10/10. Chef Selassie before we dug into our meals came out and gave us a little history on the meal and why she chose certain ingredients and meals.  I particularly love the fact that she adapts her meals to made in Ghana or grown in Ghana goods. Her waiters were also very attentive and well dressed, that’s always a plus. 

Purse Struggles
GHS 150 and worth every pesewa.

All the information about Midunu can be found on their Instagram - midunu and/or website www.midunu.com