Accra Craves Presents... Brunch & Bubbles

IT WAS OUR FIRST EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We would just like to start off by saying a very big thank you to everyone who came through, partook, helped set up, cooked, served, thank you for contributing in whatever way you did. Special s/o to our personal baker for the amazing cupcakes that no one can stop talking about. Thank you to Meriem's kitchen for slaying the menu and a big big thank you to PaintBoiregh for making paint day a thing! Thank you guys, you made our day all it could be and more. 

And a very special thanks to our special photographer for working for free and being the best intern ever! 

Now the highlights:

Set up & Decor by Events by Dede 

Then our beautiful guests begun to arrive... 

Romance was definitely in the air! So we moved on to the food. 

The cheese omelet was undeniably the crowd pleaser of the day! 

While both the chicken and waffles and the icing covered cinnamon roll received mixed reviews, everyone had to agree that the yogurt and mango dessert was definitely a refreshing way to end the very filling brunch 

The bubbles kept flowing as we moved into the fun of the day! It was simple, decorate a cupcake for your babe and win her a teddy bear courtesy of Placito Ghana. This sparked so much competition, creativity and fun between couples and partners. 


One couple got mad creative and definitely won our hearts. 

They cute and stuffs... But it was now time to paint

While this(below) was the image to be copied...

Our guests employed their creative license to search on google for the image they wanted to paint 

While others dug deep to find inspiration within...

It was time to display the magic 

Some created collages filled with color and love 

Another left us with MAJOR KEYS 

Everyone left with at least one goodie, many happy memories and a belly filled with bubbly. 

Again, thank you for entrusting your day of love to us. We hope we succeeded at making it all it could be and more! 

Till next time, 

Ash and Dede