Bread & Wine Brunch

We did it again... Another Brunch 

It happened again! One thing led to another, one mishap here, one misfortune there and Accra Craves ended up with a brunch. 

It was quite simple, pay Ghc 70 and enjoy a three course tasting menu with your favorite girls, Ash and Dede. Who could really say no to that?

What was on the menu?

- Full English Breakfast served with an Italian Frittata

- Fish and Chips 

- The Nutella Banana French Toast 

This menu was based on Ash and Dede's favorite things to eat at Bread & Wine. We were mad excited about bonding with the Accra Craves family so we threw on our Saturday's best and waited patiently for our beautiful guests to arrive. And guess what, they did!

Old friends, new ones and even a lovely little puppy came through. He was absolutely adorbs to look at. 

While it took a bit of time to get everyone seated, we were excited about what lay ahead and convo was at its peak in the room. People were smiling, others posing, an Accra Craves jam session is really just where you wanna be at. There's never a dull moment.

Then it was time to dive into the reason why we had all gathered... The food. 

To start off, there were some pastries. Bread, butter and jam to get you going. Also to soak up all the alcohol that was swimming in friends from the night before. 

Then we moved on to the Full English Option.

The Full English was undeniably the crowd pleaser of the day. The frittata, the sausage, the side of warm beans. It really was just very satisfying and filling. We as well as our guests absolutely loved it. Then we moved on to the Fish and Chips. 

The Fish and Chips was the more controversial plate of the three dishes. It received mixed reviews across board. I believe people had expected a battered cod with a tartar sauce but what we got actually tasted more like deep fried cassava fish. *Sad face*

While brunch got a tad bit boozy, it was time to whip out the Banana and Nutella french toast for dessert.  

The Banana and Nutella french toast was moist and warm and a perfect sweet ending to our beautiful farewell brunch to our favorite brunch spot, Bread & Wine. 

Big sis and Accra Craves number one fan, like all guests, left smiling with an Accra Craves sticker for her laptop. 

See you there next time! 



Ash & Dede