To Takoradi we go

Travel Mode Activated

         Recently, Ash and I made a little pact to explore Ghana more so you can only imagine our excitement when one of our honneys offered us an all expense paid, one-night girls getaway to Takoradi, Ghana's oil city. We were all so gingered for the quick escape from Accra and the anticipation was live. But that didn’t stop us from turning up till 4.30am at the launch of House of Balloons before rushing home to pack.

So, basically, there were no “Are we there yet moments” because your girls were knocked out the whole entire trip! (I wish we had a photo)

It’s 11am, all geared up with our sunglasses to hide our sleep deprived eyes, we stroll into the reception of Planter’s Lodge. I think it’s safe to say we were all a little blown away. The decor, the atmosphere, the fresh juice they offered us on arrival - amazing. It spelled out luxury and serenity that made you feel like you had indeed stepped out of Accra. There was nothing commercial about this location,  from the moment you walked into that lobby you felt at home. Check-in was an absolute breeze and soon we were lugging our overstuffed bags filled with 5 different swimsuits,4 outfits, sunscreen, extra extra pairs of sunglasses, adapters (never trust a girl to pack for one night and one night only), very expectant of the adventures that lay ahead at our little home away from home.

Planter's Lodge Key

Ash : Having packed at dawn, your babe Ash had a total of zero cohesive outfits. I must shamelessly admit I travelled with no shorts or jeans.Tears.

Dede : I stay telling this babe to have a travel list. It’s honestly the best way to make sure you don’t leave out any of those essentials when you’re speed packing.

Planter's Lodge Pool Entrance

So with Ash’s half-ass packing, we made our way to the executive apartment where we spent the night. The executive apartment, the most luxurious room they have, had a chalet feel to it. It was a cute 2 bedroom apartment with two separate bathrooms, a living room and a fully stocked kitchen. It was the perfect palace for your little princesses but since we were running on a tight schedule,we were in and out. It was literally freshen up, cause we gotta stay cute, and straight à la plage. We were off to Lou Moon to explore more of the Western region of Ghana. We must say we had been HYPED about Lou Moon.

The ride from Planters Lodge to Lou Moon took about 45 minutes to an hour and was mostly tarred road, but after you get off the Axim main road, honey, you are in for a rollercoaster ride. The roads were awful, which made the process a lot more stressful as we were relying entirely on sign boards to get there. These sign boards were not only pretty hard to spot but also were completely off in terms of distance to location. It’s like the universal km does not match the Lou Moon km. But then finally it happened, we arrived.

Lou Moon, Axim

Lou Moon, Axim

Yeah! We arrived! That’s how we really felt about Lou Moon. It was just so basic to say the least. Perhaps it was the hype or the anticipation, but truthfully, we were honestly underwhelmed by everything Lou Moon had to offer.  

Your girl Dede slept almost the whole entire journey, this energizer bunny was running on empty.

Ash : To be honest, I think we were all a little car-lagged from all the travelling, but I still expected more than we got. I mean, it was pretty, but I’m not sure there’s much difference between what I saw and what exists at practically all the beaches along the coast, Accra excluded of course..


Lou Moon, Axim

Lou Moon, Axim

We were all so starved upon entry that we made food orders before we saw the beach! Yummy for the tummy! So as we waited, we got into our bathing suits, explored a little (they have archery, kayaking and I think ping pong), ordered drinks and and then the photoshoots begun.

Girls On Lou Moon Beach
Girls on Lou Moon Beach 2
Girls on Lou Moon Beach 3
Girls on Lou Moon Beach 4
Girls on Lou Moon Beach 5

Ash, our resident alcoholic says their drinks were about a B-.

But that’s because there was nothing I liked about them. I ordered a mojito(my signature drink) and it fell like 6 levels below the mark.

And then 500 hours later, our food came! I literally run to their restaurant, mans was starving.  But we were all too hungry to get any pictures, unfortunately or more like fortunately because you didn't miss anything . Again, just like our sentiments towards the place,the food was just not up to par. Dede and I split rice and stew, with some plantain and a ham and cheese pizza on the side. Honey, that rice and stew was banging! Can’t say as much for the pizza though.

The pizza was very bland, I don’t know how they managed that but they did. So I ordered some kpakposhito (chilli sauce) on the side because kpakposhito makes the world go round. PSA - the rice and stew, the only good thing on our table was mine and Ash famzed it, up there talking about split. I had to share with her because sharing is caring.

Girls on Lou Moon Beach 6
Girls on Lou Moon Beach 7

And then princess Dede slept,again. The other girls and I shot a few arrows in the sport of archery. I was so bad, it was humorous. It really is an art, it was fun for five minutes and then I was over it, and then it was time for the ride back to Planters Lodge.

Archery at Lou Moon

Getting back to planters Lodge, we were all so exhausted ,  unanimously we killed our initial plans of venturing out into Takoradi nightlife and instead opted for a girls night in of games and wine.

Dinner at Planters was everything. Honestly, it was nothing short of amazing. I had the local beef fillet with the parisian sauce and the potato lyonnaise. WOW! I spent about 10 minutes telling the whole table how Ghanaian fillet is usually so hard, but no. I lied. The chef put me to shame. The meat cooked perfectly. The medium-well cook I requested was tender and the potatoes were such a great compliment. Truthfully I doubt there’d be much of a difference between ordering the local and imported fillet, I mean except for that GHS60 difference. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Of course your babe Dede ordered that assorted “fried” rice. I called that one about 30 minutes before it happened. My babe just loves these rice dishes.

Beef fillet parisian sauce potato lyonnaise planter's lodge

I was actually playing it safe with that rice dish. But not everyday play it safe, sometimes explore. My assaulted rice (inside joke, come to Ghana and i’ll share it with you ) was spiced well and tasted good but it was basic. I actually lowkey wished I ordered Ash’s food because the potatoes were to die for so when she wasn’t looking, I snuck some off her plate, because once again sharing is caring, even if you don’t know you are sharing.

Assorted fried rice planter's lodge

After dindin, we went for a midnight swim in the pool, we being Ash and one of our friends. I don’t see how people swim for leisure, I had to learn to swim to graduate college and I concluded that swimming should only be a survival instinct. Flee.Fight.Swim

That water was not cute(obviously it was no fault of the pool itself, but why should I blame myself). FYI, don’t try and swim at Planter's Lodge after hours unless you have scooped all those essentials, i.e. a towel. Cuz they ain't got none around, we searched. So basically, lacking a towel and not wanting to get my clothes wet, I ran back to the room shivering in my leopard print bikini! Jumped into the shower, no hot water. I thought pneumonia was about to be my friend. But I was really into that idea of a midnight lap in the pool, and the atmosphere was just beautiful. They had multiple seating options, tables and love coves, a silent movie showing on the projector and really just perfect lighting. Actually, I blame the atmosphere for making me jump in that pool.

In Planters Lodges defense, their pool does close at 8. But, Ash, being the hopeless romantic she is thought it will be so cute to take a dip in the water. Is it your honeymoon? Her punishment was the lack of towels and her free exercise back to the room.

Planter's Lodge pool at night

The next morning, Ash and I woke up about 20 minutes to 11am, and the first thing on our mind was the free breakfast buffet. #foodiesunite. Breakfast ended at 11 so being the good samaritans that we are, shameless hype, and being the only ones awake we rushed to the restaurant to grab us much food for us and our friends. And guys, I mean we piled the food. Zero shame. People gauged us like we were so greedy, but girls gotta do what girls gotta do. Needless to say, our friends came and the buffet was still open so they didn’t really appreciate our cold feast laid out for them.

After breakkie, we went back to our palace to pack up. Our little getaway was over. We had to leave early to avoid traffic. So with our overstuffed bags and tummies we made our way back to Accra.  I tried to sleep most of the ride but Ash wouldn’t stop bugging us with her car ride games.

I really wouldn't, I wanted to play Chinese Whispers but babes said NO!

Guys, please, if you ever go on a trip with Ash, DO NOT LET HER CHOOSE THE GAMES. You’ll thank me after. But finally, after playing one game, she allowed nap time and we woke up in Accra with the same feels:

"Oh Planters, how we love thee, we are definitely coming back for a longer get away, when we can afford it."

- Dede & Ash