By popular demand we are introducing an Accra Craves rating system. As we're reluctant to give stars because food is subjective and my 3 stars may be your 5, we're introducing a description based rating system. This highlights how much we love the food versus whether or not we believe the place should close down. 

Food Joints will be rated as follows: 

Accra Craves Top Pick  

An Accra Craves top pick will is a joint we want to eat at again and again. A place that is likely to become one of our eat out staples, or already is. It's generally a space where the food, the service, the ambiance, better yet the whole experience is worth going on about. 

Your Money's Worth

Your Money's Worth is a location which serves food that is definitely above average standards. The food is decent and you're likely to suggest it to someone else without second guessing yourself. Good food at a good price. 

If I'm starving, why not?

This is a place that's serving food that's just about par. You won't be upset you bought it but you're definitely not raving on about it. You won't be mad spending money on it, but not necessarily a place you'll pick for a nice lunch or date out. It's a chill spot with decent food. 

Room for Improvement

A location with potential, there are few pluses with the mishaps but you survived. Their food and service could definitely do with a face lift, but they aren't serving you food you want to spit out just yet. 

Bye, Felicia

Kindly do us all a favour and be gone, or hire a consultant to support you. Some where you vow never to return to.