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The Ultimate Cheat Code to Valentine's Day

So Dede and I had planned to make a christmas guide on what to buy your entire family and loved ones for christmas, but that never happened so we are giving you this great guide to making Valentine’s day work, no matter the size of your budget.

DIY things are usually the most thoughtful and pocket friendly gifts for any occasion,especially Valentine’s day. Not only because they generally tend to be more personal but more so because of the thought and effort that goes into executing the gift. So here are a few DIY ideas for making the most amazing Valentine’s Presents yet.

Possible DIY/Budget Friendly Presents:

52 reasons i love him
  • A picture of you and your Valentine, framed with a cute note

  • The 24 Reasons I love you list

  • Make a CD with love songs that are representative of the love you share / turn up songs you both like

  • A lottery Ticket

  • A wish jar - fill this with naughty, nice and deep personal wishes. These can be filled with fun things like;

Give me a lap dance

Tell me your deepest fear

Sing me a love song

Dance for me

Valentine’s day is about making your partner feel loved and cherished and desired. It isn’t always about how much you spend. Sometimes free/low budget gifts make the best gifts. Click here for other DIY ideas for bae.

IMPORTANT: Where you can buy supplies:

  1. Acrilex - Acrilex is an art store in Osu that is every diy’s haven. They have art supplies like cardboard, glitter, metallic pens and canvases. I'm always like a kid in a candy store when I walk in. They have everything you need to get creative. Instagram - Acrliexghana

  2. Artivity Ghana - I love love love pictures. In this generation, we seem to have forgotten about hard copies, the are one of the best keepsakes. At Artivity Ghana, you can get that banging picture of you and bae printed on a canvas. Instagram - Artivity_ghana

The Multiple Gifts Approach: 

Sometimes it’s not all about the money spent, but more about the combination of gifts you put together. This means don’t settle on spending all your money on one gift, pick 3 or 4 smaller items and send them to your man or your woman. It may not cost as much as one gift, but opening multiple presents always beats opening one.

Examples of simple add ons that make your present all the more special:

  1. A personalized card

  2. Flowers / a rose

  3. Cupcakes / a cupcake

  4. Underwear ( a cute thong never hurt nobody!)

  5. Candy

  6. A bottle of their favorite alcohol

  7. A movie ticket

  8. A book

  9. A teddy bear

  10. Phonecase

Buying multiple presents is as cool as layering your clothes in the winter. It always looks cool, if you do it right.

The coolest Valentine’s day gift I ever got was 24 cupcakes, a plush toy (teddy bear), a personalized card and a “Me without you” book. It was just so thoughtful and romantic. I vote for multiple gifts over one expensive gift every time.

The Conservative Gifter:

The more traditional options are always go tos, that’s dinner, perfume, jewellry or some expensive ass gift I can’t even begin to think off. If you’re balling like that, Saville Row is having a sale, pass through 30% off, light up bae’s closet. Honestly, I want that navy blue Lady Dior bag in the window. Any takers.. I’ll be waiting. But if not, here are a few ideas for where to eat or where to shop for more traditional gifts this Valentine season.

Gifts for Her/Him:

  1. Mythhouse - Every girl is swooning over the myth bags. My current favorite is the box satchel in blue, gold and red. In case one secret admirer is reading this. Instagram - mythhouse
  2. Orne Jewellery - Orne is a collection of handcrafted jewellery that looks so chic without breaking the bank. Who doesn’t love jewellery. Instagram - ornejewelry

  3. Yobbings - Yobbings is an online card store with the most hilarious cards. I love the fact that they are tailored made to Ghanaians with terms such as dumsor and pidgin phrases. They have cards for valentine’s day that bae will definitely love. Instagram - Yobbings   

  4. Phil & Joe Shoe Co - Phil & Joe is a Ghanaian based fashion designer that makes the most edgy and fashion forward footwear in the country. Get your man those sleek shoes that will definitely make his day. Go a step further and customize his shoes and your boo will be head over heels for you. Instagram - philandjoe233

  5. The Walking Closet - The Walking Closet is a men’s accessory line, they deal in socks, ties, bracelets, satchels and just really cool additions to spice up your man’s wardrobe. I really love the Walking Closet because of how fashionable their accessories are. You definitely want to check out their stuff at Blossom and Wednesday on the Labone Secondary School rd, next to Sai. Instagram - the_walkingcloset


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Chocolates and Cupcakes:

  1. The Sweet Art Company - The sweetartco is a made in Ghana chocolate company. I’m so happy about the variety in the local chocolate market. Hopefully, Kingsbite will up their game. The chocolates from thesweetartco are also fresh so you wouldn’t get that store taste that is in most imported chocolates in stores.  I’ve tried the sea salt and I went home dreaming about it. It’s so good and the packaging is top notch as well. Instagram - thesweetartco

  2. Icing & Co. - Icing co is a new cupcake company and for valentines they have a half dozen variety box with a personalized message and the packaging is just so cutee. Instagram - icingnco

  3. Tim Backer - Tim Backer, as you all know is probably our favorite baker here in Accra. His cupcakes will have your girlfriend swooning and smiling at you for days, or your boyfriend. Definitely try his salted caramel and baileys cupcakes, they change lives. He also has a Valentine’s variety box that we are definitely excited about. Instagram - coco_snob

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  1. Build a Hamper - Naya by Africa is a made in Ghana skin care company. I love the packaging and I love the smell. The boast of using 100% natural products  is also a plus in my books. I’m trying to slowly move to more natural products for my skin. I have the almond and chocolate body butter and I literally want to eat it, it smells that good. The have a variety of products, enough for you to get creative and build a hamper. Instagram - Nayanaturals

  2. Couples Massage - Allure has an amazing massage deal for 2 going for GHs665. This includes a 15 minute Sauna, Swedish full body massages, aromatherapy pedicure and manicure and a Kanshi Gold Coast Body Wash. A full day at the spa for two. This is an amazing way to relax and rejuvenate with your loved one. Nothing says Valentine’s like a romantic relaxing day together. There are other Valentine’s deals so make sure to call Allure and book your treat today.

netflix and chill invitation

3. Candlelight dinner in house - Cook for her or cook for him. Set up some candles and turn off the light. Bond over an amazing meal in a serene, romantic and sexy ambiance. This is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s day and save a whole lot of money. In the event your cooking skills aren’t up to par, simply get take out. You can still set out plates and cutlery and enjoy your meal as though it was cooked in house.

4. If all else fails - Netflix and Chill - Netflix went international. This means, Netflix and Chill isn’t something you only get to talk about, you can make it a reality. Be cute, send bae an invitation to “Netflix and chill” as her Valentine’s day gift. Get pizza and a nice bottle of wine. Buy 3GB of data and load the movie before your hunny arrives (necessary to avoid all the buffering, one hour on netflix is about 1GB of data). Turn on the AC or fan and have a Netflix and chill kind of night.

And then on Valentine's Day: 

Brunch: Brunch & Bubbles for 2 (event by Accra Craves): You get to spend an afternoon with US! And bae of course. Come for a romantic fun filled boozy brunch hosted by your favorite foodies. Food from at Meriem’s kitchen, unlimited mimosas and fun in the sun for you and your loved one. Call 0505092840 to book your space or go to to book your spot. Only 15 spots available. Get yours today.

Day Party: La Villa Boutique is hosting a day party, so if you’re looking for that Valentine’s day turn up. You should definitely check it out. Call 0243570860 for bookings. Location: La Villa Boutique Hotel, Osu.

Or just go out to eat:

Our favorite restaurants that will keep your date happy both in the ambiance of the space (i.e. sexy spaces) and also in his/her tummy:

  • Imperial Peking ( Airport location)
  • Soho
  • Urban Grill
  • Bistro 22
  • Santoku
  • Noble House

The trick is to take him/her somewhere they’ve never been before. And make sure to call ahead, book a space and ask about their Valentine’s special.


From Dede & Ash:

We have now given you every trick in the book to ace this year's Valentine's day; all budgets and no budget alike. You have no excuse this year but to make our partners day all it could be and more.