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24 days till Christmas! We've been on a hunt for gems for you so you can get us Christmas pressies whilst you are at it. We will really be putting out our christmas list. But not to worry, we intend to be giving some out as well too because sharing is caring.

One gem we found is the Thrift Yard! We, your favorite guides, feel that there's a lot of misconception when it comes to thrifting in Ghana so we decided to give you a little insight into this wonderful world before we delve into all you need to know about the Thrift Yard.

What is thrifting? Thrifting is the art of carefully scouring through charity shops and vintage boutiques for gems. These could be high end designer pieces, or old fashion trends that are quick to make their way back onto the runway again, or current pieces that just found their way into the store. Thrifting is simply a smart affordable way to shop for edgy, high fashion pieces for those individuals trying to stay at the tippy top of the fashion food chain.  

Ash: During college, thrifting was/is a very common thing. My friends and I used to go thrifting as a form of entertainment. Find vintage pieces and dress them up or down, depending on the look you wanted. Some of the best thrifting deals I ever stumbled upon was a Diane Von Furstenberg red freakum dress for $5 (which I’ll be giving out tomorrow), vintage highwaisted jeans for $7 a pop and a vintage Chanel bag for $300 (which I didn’t buy).

In Ghana, thrifting is mirrored as shopping for secondhand clothing aka foss aka Broni wa wu, which many people tend to shy away from. This is honestly a missed opportunity to purchase goodies that will never be produced again, think about those high padded shoulders from the 80s. Dress that up with a pencil skirt and you are the fashion headline of the night. Thrifting is about finding gems, and the sad truth is that a lot of clothes that are thrifted are actually just pieces a previous owner wore once and a lot of the time, items that were never even worn, which makes them life long bargains.

Ash: Anyone can thrift. Low budget, High budget, Medium budget. Again, it is all about shopping smart for rare value pieces. These could be shoes, bags, dresses, accessories, scarves, you see it, you snatch it. Simply, be like me and THRIFT! I don’t believe in sporting things you can’t afford; don’t buy a Gucci bag and be in a long term relationship with your friends floor, or be eating indomie for two weeks, THRIFT! Don’t be crying at Urban Outfitters for vintage jeans people, THRIFT! Don’t buy a $1000 Chinese Factory Channel bag, when you can get a vintage Chanel for $300, THRIFT!

Dede: Indomie for 2 weeks will also give you kwashiorkor so thrift. Think of thrifting as the best friend you can borrow all your cool clothes from, at a marginal cost.

And now, Maabena has saved all our lives with offering us the option to THRIFT, here in Ghana. At the Thrift Yard all the pieces are handpicked to ensure that they are of top quality and presentable to the owner herself. All her pieces are ones that she herself would purchase. All the clothes at The Thrift Yard are dry cleaned so that they are delivered in tip top quality and all the proceeds go to a charity. We loved the concept behind the Thrift yard so much that we had a mini interview with Maabena, founder of the non-profit The Thrift Yard, to get some insight into why she started The Thrift Yard.

What was you inspiration behind the Thrift Yard?
As a first time mother, my body changed drastically and I realized I had outgrown most of my clothes but I was holding on to them for dear life because I loved how they looked in my closet. I used to give clothes away but I realized it wasn't appreciated, it sucks when a person doesn't understand the value or story behind your favorite shoes that you never wore. That's where the concept of Thrift Yard came up. I wanted to find good homes for my oldies but goodies.

Where do the proceeds go?
This is my favorite part. The Thrift Yard is a non profit business and serves as an avenue to help people in need. We are currently working with Mfanta Malaria and on the 23rd, I'll also be donating a percentage of the proceeds to Korle Bu Kidney department

Where are the clothes from?
Currently from my closet , family and friends. Clothes are hand picked by me and sold at a token price. You can find brand new designer goodies for up to 90% off. Also, I encourage you to give if you are reading this, look into your closet and let go of that hardly worn or brand new outfit you've never worn and never will wear and use it for a charitable cause

Message from our sponsors aka Us
As resident shopaholics, we pride ourselves in the ability to spend hours looking for the best deals on whatever it is we want to buy. Best believe when we step out looking like a million bucks,we are dressed head to toe in bargains. The whole idea is to thrift for those signature pieces that no one else will be wearing or owning. By doing so, we spread our resources across board and in the process save up for our island. Yes, we want an island.

5 Tips on Thrifting also from our sponsors

  1. Items are Final Sale just like when you buy fanice from the road seller.
  2. Refer to 1, that means no return
  3. Price is determined by wear and tear of the item
  4. If you see it and you like it, buy it because once it's gone, it's gone
  5. Everything is a bargain

Sneak Peek into the Thrift Yard World

Instagram : thethriftyard