Christie Brown

Yummy bibs and other gems too

Dede : Christie Brown is hands down one of my favouritest stores in Accra. I love the store aesthetics, the gold painted walls and accents, the rafia changing room doors and the african print incorporated into their furniture. The store has such a welcoming warm feel to it and I'm here for that. The creativity in the new collection is outstanding. The gypsy, bohemian theme in this collection is one I've never seen a Ghanaian designer venture into so hats off to the Christie Brown team for it. I love how African Designers are blowing our minds with all the creative things they are doing with African Prints. The statement necklace pieces are a must have. They have a kiddie version now and it is the cutest thing in the world, can't wait for my friends to marry and start popping God babies for me so Aunty Dede can dress them up. 

As it was almost mother's day when we visited, her statement bibs were on full display in both mama and mini styles. It was beyond adorable.

Another statement piece from Christie Brown, jazz up any outfit with this piece and you will be standing out. Bright.

Ash: We can't promise anything you'll see here will still be in the store when you get there. But at least one Christie Brown statement piece is a necessity for every Ghanaian woman's closet. Firstly because she slays heaven and hell with her pieces but more so because we support one another, go buy her whole store. 


Location: Osu (next to Pinocchio)

Style: Ready made and pre-order 

Instagram: christiebrowngh

Call: +233244418477