Zen Garden

When the Pesto is all types of fail

Location: Zen Garden is Located next door to the Elite Sports building in Labone. It's on Orphan Crescent opposite the Labone Arcade.

Ash: Zen Garden Zen Garden Zen Garden! Oh how pictures create a false reality! You know how you see a picture of some babe on insta and you think 10/10 guaranteed and you see her in real life and it's like uhm naaah! Thats Zen Garden for you!

Dede: Babe keh. I didn't expect much so it was just meh for me like just okay but I think my babe,Ash, had been seeing some lit angled pictures so she kept saying “Ah, so this it?” My babe was highly disappointed.

Ash: It took me a good 10minutes to settle into the disappointment of what I had expected vs. the reality of the space. That said, it's an okay space. Cute and hidden but there's not enough lighting and the trees with their falling leaves are an absolute nightmare.

Dede: Lol the trees are on auto autumn mode.

Ash: So we ordered the jollof, rolling my eyes at Dede, and the pesto pasta dish, with some grilled chicken. Mind you we thought we had ordered a penne dish but it was actually stated pesto pasta, which turned out to be pesto spaghetti! 'Twas never cute.

Dede: Guys, I really really need to stop ordering jollof when we go out, it's getting embarrassing now. Just tell me where the best jollof is so I could save some money and my taste buds too.. Cash you in the comments. Where they do pesto spaghe at though?

Ash: Our waitress was fairly nice. She was knowledgeable about the menu and pleasant but she was a bit spacey. She was the only waitress on the floor, which should explain it but an available waitress is always appreciated.

Dede: Gotta give it to her. She paid attention during waitress training when it came to menu knowledge. Overall best student but she coulda given us a heads up about the pesto spaghetti though. Removing one point.

Ash: The jollof was hmmm.

Dede: The jollof was okay. It wasn't memorable, it won't be nominated into best Ghana jollof award for sure. I feel the food is catered to foreign taste buds because it was a bit bland.

Ash: We ate it mome.

Dede: We ate it because we paid. Money don't be growing on trees in these streets.

Ash: The veggies were a little sketch… so I stayed away. They looked like they had been sitting for awhile and I'm that babe who can't eat an apple that's going brown or a banana that's starting to brown after you peel it. They call me mama fresh out in these streets.. on a real though, I can barely eat leftovers.

Dede: In what streets do they call you Mama Fresh? Cause I've done been with you and never heard it in any streets *sideye* I ate the veggies because what's the worst? I mean food poison is the worst but I love salads and coleslaws and it looked okay to me so into my tummy it went. Ash throw the banana into a smoothie and stop roshing us, Most fresh fruit, Mama fresh.

Ash: I'm struggling to say anything about the jollof. It wasn't memorable, it wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it was okay… I guess. Am I craving it.. nope! Will I eat it again, perhaps. I wasn't a fan of the chicken or mixed grill either.

Dede: The beef in the mixed grill was well marinated. I would have gladly exchanged the chicken for more beef. The chicken was definitely made for erm foreign taste buds.

Ash: The shock of the pesto spaghe was one thing, but the pesto was so bitter. I honestly believe the wrong cheese was used to make this pesto dish, which resulted in its colossal fail. We took one bite and returned it to the kitchen.

Dede: It is/was/is gonna be a no from me.

Ash: At least they understood the concept of customer service and without us requesting, they took the pesto pasta off our bill. That gained them several points in my book.

Dede: Bruhhh, customer service on a 101%. I take back the point I took away. 5 stars for customer service.

Ash: I didn't love the food, but I may try it again.

Dede: The way our account is set up, we didn't order drinks, not even water. There’s always water at home.

Purse Struggles

  • Jollof and Grilled Chicken- GHs40

  • Pesto pasta - GHs44


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P.S. This post is super late, so perhaps they have improved. We sure do hope so!