The Pizza Guy


Ash: The pizza guy, his name is Harrison, and he makes pizza because he heard no one was serving any legit type pizza in Accra. I must second this hear say, there are very few places to get good authentic pizza in Accra.

Dede: People sell dough,cheese and tomato sauce as pizza. I used to love it as a child but now I know better. You can't trick me anymore. Pizza Guy can be found at Sandbox aka Blues.

Ash: We tried out The Pizza Guy last Saturday and his personality is just as amazing as his pizza. The crust is thin and baked to perfection, the sauce is lively and bursting with flavor, the toppings are perfectly cooked and match the magic of the pizza. The individual components really do come together to create a foody experience.

The Sandbox Special, The Pizza Guy

The Sandbox Special, The Pizza Guy

Dede: We had a bit of a wait time so honestly I was a bit skeptical about the pizza. I wanted to know what it was doing in the oven for so long. It was definitely worth the wait. The crust was thin and crunchy in the right places and the dough had a slight sweetness to it. I knew it was good when I ate the crust. I never eat pizza crust.

Ash: I always eat pizza crust, I think it’s my favorite part. I’m one of those people that eats other people’s crust when they are done. Judge me not. I love that Harrison expresses himself through food and is experimenting with local flavors and meats and incorporating local tastes into his pizza. He has a kpakposhito pizza base that really just does it for me. As in, the kpakposhito base is a game changer in the pizza world. We tried out the Sandbox special, which is a garden of veggies some pepperoni and bites of chicken. I was in belly heaven with this one.

Dede: The kpakposhito pizza base was the real MVP of the meal. They have two bases- basic tomato and kpakposhito and you know how my spice level is on a negative so I was the reason for the half tomato base. Had I known. The kpakposhito base was so good. It ties everything together and it’s spicy but not flames spicy. The pizza guy hit the nail on the head with that one. It's so good guys. I was dreaming about waakye when the pizza came cause I thought it won't be filling enough but the waakye dream had completely disappeared by the time I was done.

The pizza up close and personal, The Pizza Guy 

The pizza up close and personal, The Pizza Guy 

Ash: I even forgot, we could have had a whole kpakposhito pizza, but Dede. *Rolling my eyes at you* The pizza guy is plating up pizza for everyone though, he has pepperoni, margarita, goat meat pizza, the sandbox special and many other amazing flavors for you, your friends, your mama, your grandma, stop eating bread and stew, eat the pizza guy. He’s even prepped for all you vegetarian and non-cheese loving pizza hunters, really though, Pizza guy is a must try.

Dede: The chicken wings were so tender and marinated to perfection. It comes with kebab pepper, a spicy mayo dip and green pepper. Try it with the spicy mayo and green pepper combined.

Grilled Chicken Wings, The Pizza Guy 

Grilled Chicken Wings, The Pizza Guy 

Ash: The char on the wings from the grill was to die for. The spice on the meat was perfect, I could still taste chicken, which I absolutely love. There was no adobo blast or flavor that overwhelmed the chicken itself and those dips. I would really love to try that spicy mayo with some shrimp, I think it’ll be a banger. My absolute fave was the kebab powder, but I’m a local babe who loves kebab so can’t really help myself there.


Purse Struggles

  • Sandbox Special - GHs50

  • Chicken Wings - GHs20



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