See the sea and drink Tea

So this is going to be a short review since it's not their permanent location. The menu consisted of one meal and one drink. Their permanent location should have a more extensive menu, we’ve been told.

The Location

Where Tea Baa is currently located is absolutely breathtaking, I'd let the pictures speak for themselves.

Tea Baa Temporary Location Entrance
Tea Baa Temporary Beach Location
Teaa Baa Beach Location

The Service

Dede: I'm going to cut the waitress some slack because it's not their permanent location. But she has to stay woke. She was so dull, she asked us what we will drink/eat without offering a menu or options. Rule 1: You can't assume the customer is a regular or just miraculously knows the menu off head. She messed up our order as well and had no remorse for it. I have to believe she was sleeping.

Ash: Please wake up is how I felt about the entire service. The owner on the other hand was really welcoming and bubbly and I was in love with the scenery so...

The Food

Ash: We ordered everything on the menu. I loved the grill on the meat. For pork it was super well cooked, tender and just so yummy. It was full of flavor as well. I was super pleased with the char on the meat, if you're feeling for some grilled meats Teabaa is where it's at.

Dede: I'm on a pork diet. I secretly think Ashley has an addiction to pork because her eyes automatically dart to it on any menu and it's always part of her options. In this case, the only thing available was pork chops and grilled chicken. But our waitress decided we didn't deserve the chicken and took it off our order without our concern. In her defence, she forgot but I don't get it. Your menu has 4 things and we said everything on the menu so how do you forget? The food tasted like home cooked food which is a neutral feel. The coconut rice was a bit hard but you could definitely taste the coconut. The pork was well seasoned and tender to cut which was such a big deal because lately I've eaten so much pork that taste like pig, you know what I'm talking about. Such a turnoff. The portion was quite small for the price but once again I have to believe that it's because it's not their permanent location.

Tea Baa Coconut Rice Pork

Ash: Meanwhile, there were some pigs casually jamming in the sea just in front of us. The juxtaposition of eating pork while I watched pigs play in the sea was hilarious to me. Anyway,  I tasted no coconut in the coconut rice, not even a hint. It wasn't moist either. It was actually undercooked rice, so still pretty hard but not necessarily hard to eat. Plus I was starving so I didn't spare the food. Also, the veggies were pleasant. They were definitely tossed on the grill and had picked up some yummy goodness from the meat. I was pleased all in all with the food. But that presentation, definitely not romantic, it was like cutlery and plates at a children's party. But not their permanent location, so they get a pass.

Ice Tea

Dede: So when I was young, I had a friend who always had icetea in her fridge. It was so good and I didn't know it was powdered Lipton ice tea. I just didn't understand how iced “tea” could be so good. Had I known, I would have packed some of the powder in an olonka for when I got home. So I come home and I tell my grand aunty about this wonderful ice tea I drunk and she’s like psst, ice tea. She’ll make me some in a minute. So granny brews the tea, gets out the lemon, adds the sugar and puts it in the fridge. I've never been so disappointed in an adult figure than I was that day.

Ash: Awww. That’s such a sad story. Hugs.

Tea Baa  Ice Tea

Dede: Our option was the strawberry ice tea, normal or tipsy. We had to get the two. The ice tea was really good, I ordered one more to go. If my grand Aunty still lived with us, I would have ordered one for her as well. The first sip is a sugar overload but once the ice melts, it's so refreshing. For the tipsy one, the vodka used has too much of an alcohol taste. You know how vodka and rubbing alcohol are fraternal twins, it had that taste but it was still good, not as refreshing as the virgin option and since we shared I don't know how potent it is.

Ash: I didn’t necessarily like either one. I completely second Dede’s rubbing alcohol taste that the tipsy one had. I honestly believe they are using the wrong alcohol for this one. It’s like you know how Bailey’s and ice cream is a thing, it’s like they got it wrong and served vodka and ice cream. I wasn’t here for it. The virgin option was too sweet for me and I know this sounds weird but it was just too berry-y. I hope someone identifies with that for me cuz no other words to explain it. Tears.

I liked the food, confused by a lot of stuff but definitely liked the food. I'll definitely try their extended menu and other ice teas too. But that location, the temp one, is a must see.