Sankofa Chips

Sankofa Chips are the new kids on the block. We love good packaging and Sankofa may have won us over with that spalala packaging. Issayesss!


Smoked Chili


Ash: These are currently my favorite Ghanaian snack. It doesn't really remind me of BBQ sauce, a sentiment many people seem to share. I actually do not like BBQ so this would be a no no for me if that was the case. Its a smokey, sweet yummy taste I get. I want more and more of the spice. This one is my absolute fave guys. 

Dede: Smoked chilli tastes like bbq, that smoked hickory taste. It's super filling and after a pack you'll definitely feel like you've had a meal. I'm not a fan of bbq sauce but I love this one. Like Ash said, the smokey, sweet taste has won me over. 

Sweet Chili


Dede: This is actually one of my favs.  I love the sweetness even though it's made with unripe plantains. It's less filling than smoked chili so you can probs eat these back to back. 

Ash: I think I've tried this once or twice. I didn't love it but it was sweet and spicy, more sweet than spicy but its still an elevated bag of plantain chips, which is what I love about Sankofa, its elevating and adding some umphhh to plantain chips. 



Ash: Not the biggest fan of this flavor, but then again I've only tried it once so do give it a try and decide for yourself! This was the first flavor I tried actually and I think it was a little too cinnamony for me. I was really hype to try it but then wasn't too thrilled by the combination. Still be loving Sankofa doeee.

Dede: I have such a love hate relationship with cinnamon. I love cinnamon rolls, cinnamon cake, cinnamon cookies but I hate cinnamon flavored gum, cinnamon cologne and cinnamon candy. The plantain chips falls into the love category. Tip: You have to give the pack a couple of shakes to get all your chips fully coated in cinnamon. This is defs one of my favs as well.

Lightly Salted


Dede: This is unripe plantain chips in a gucci outfit. Gucci is the packaging, pumpkins.  It tastes like refined plantain chips made in clean oil. You know how sometimes you bite into a plantain chip and you know that oil is not FDA approved, this one tastes like you'll like to see where it was made.

Ash: Yup, all in the packaging! Dede you've killed me with this Gucci outfit. But who isn't here for FDA approved oil? Kindly raise your hand! 


Chicken and Garlic


Ash: This really is a yummy combination and kinda reminds me of a lays flavor I absolutely love. Can't remember the flavor though so don't ask me. But Sankofa is bae all in all so I have no qualms. They are doing something new and like everything else shaking up the Ghanaian food industry.. I am so here for it. 

Dede: This one didn't win my and the people of Airport Koala's heart. Every time I go there, they are sold out of all flavors but this one. I love chicken and garlic and this flavor is a good combo but you get tired of it so easily and I think that's what has happened to me. I can never finish the pack whereas with spicy sweet, licking the fortune cookie. 


Purse Struggles
Depends where you buy them really, some places we’ve picked them up:
Airport Shell
Cafe Mondo
D'Cafe, Cafe Kwae, Joyful 


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