Because appaz we not adventurous enough 

Dede: Hiya sunshines. Happy New Year! I’m not even going to give you one excuse about where we’ve been and tell you we are back back again so you can cool story me. Actions speak louder than words so watch this space. 

Ash: Loool. I promise we’ve been working up some magic! Big things happening in our lives and soon! Soon and very soon… y’all gon be whoa’d!

Polositas exterior  

Polositas exterior  

Dee: We went to polositas, a place my babe Ash found. Y’all know I should be weary when Ash finds a place cause tbh I think I bring the best food gems over here, not tooting my own horn here but toot toot. It’s like 2 buildings down from the Osu glory oil. Ash, hook us up with the directions.

Ash: Polositas is next to the new FAB at Danquah Circle.  Google am.

Dede: I’m still confused whether the place is fast food or a restaurant tbh. They had stairs going to probably a lounge but our unadventurous selves didn’t even make it up the stairs so I’ll never know what’s up there.


Ash: Defs a lounge. Can y’all tell how unamused I am about this space.

 Dede: Actually, it can’t be fast food because our food took 1 hour to arrive.

Ash: It sure can’t! I’m pretty sure it says steakhouse on the front. Ha!

Dede: There we go. It’s a steak and grill house. We ordered the pork pieces and Chukkers box.

Dede: The pork pieces, which was all Ash, most pork outchea was spiced with African chili spice or something aka kebab pepper. Before she ordered it, I wanted to tell my baby, Ash, that it won’t be any exotic spice, it’ll be kebab pepper but who was I to burst her bubble when she was so excited about it. In hindsight, I should have bounced her cause we split that bill and that was 15 cedis I coulda have used for something else. Ash, my craver, please tell us how the pork was?

Pork Pieces, Polositas 

Pork Pieces, Polositas 

Ash: Well….l I ordered it cuz, I thought we should try as many things as possible off the menu. The thing said authentic African spices and had my stomach on yay! But it’s gonna be a nah nah from me, the meat was tough and it wasnt that authentic abokyie Stuvz. I took two bites and I had closed.

Chukkers platter 

Chukkers platter 

Dede:  The Chukkers platter came with pork sausage, lamb chops and spare ribs. The pork sausage tasted too raw for me so that was no for my future generation and I. The lamb chops were too tough and they tasted a bit like they had been fried so once again, my future generations and I had to pass on that as well. The spare ribs wasn’t fall of the bone but they weren’t a struggle to cut into either and they had to be my fav of the day. They are smeared in bbq sauce so it had flavor. I wouldn’t crave it but I could eat it on a hungry day.

Ash: Dede is not foreign. She only likes brown like browned sausages. Every time sausage isn’t looking completely brown her eyes tell her brain it’s under cooked.

 Dede: Appaz, Ash of exotic spices is the most foreign.

 Ash: I think the sausages were top for me on the platter. I couldn’t tell the difference between the lamb and the pork ribs and the meat was just hard! Our people just have an uncanny way of overcooking meat till it becomes rock. I was hungry so I nibbled, Dede just rejected the whole meal.


Dede: I didn’t order any drinks cause mans is saving for a big big surprise coming soon plus all the ingredients to make a mojito, I have at home aka there’s mojito at Home.

Ash: I was lazy!



Pork Pieces - GHs30  

Chukkers Box - GHs85



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