La Galette

Pizza at the café

La Galette is the café de thé on the spintex Road opposite Papaye. It's in the same building as Sweet Roses Chinese Restaurant and Hotel Robin Hood. 

 Ash: Apparently, according to Dede, they have the best pizza in Accra. I beg to differ.

Dede: We went to La Galette for the pizza. They used to have one of the best pizzas in my opinion so we went to check if it was still the same.

 Ash: So you must understand that I love the space. Old and new, exterior and interior, I’ve always been a fan. It’s cozy and very welcoming and the lighting in the night creates a nice calm ambiance that’s perfect for any kind of outing. While I generally patronize La Galette to pick up a tiramisu or grab a coffee, it’s a salon de thé after all, today we were there high and mighty to try their pepperoni pizza.

 Dede: The pepperoni pizza was half pepperoni half margarita against our wish. I don't understand why they were so stingy with the pepperoni. I love the base of the pizza, that's really what's my favorite. It's thin crust but not too thin to become crunchy and it had this sweet element to it. The pizza had a bit too much oil and I had to dab some off with a paper tissue. The pizza was supposed to have oregano specks for flavor, didn't even get a whiff of it.

 Ash: I won’t lie, La Galette is probably top 10 on my chill out spots in Accra. Probably because it’s so close to my abode, but I’ve spent a good amount of time at La Galette, I’ve known many of the staff there for years. Yes, it’s that deep. So it pains me as I admit that their pizza is in the basic range of basic pizzas. By Ghanaian standards it wasn't too  bad though. Definitely wasn’t brick oven baked, which throws it like immediately to par in my books and then the crust was rather thick and a little too doughy. I’m a thin crust, crunchy, yummy pizza kinda gal. The actual taste of the pizza was decent. The ratio of the cheese to the sauce was perfect, and the sauce was very yummy. The perfect blend of tomato and spice, not that it was spicy but it didn’t taste like straight tomato paste, the sauce was definitely where they scored all their points with my stomach. While I was disappointed that they were so stingy with their pepperoni, I was glad that I was at least not eating bread and stew. *Side eyeing 98% off all the pizza joints in Accra*

Dede: Ash has a soft spot for La Galette service because that's her area’s crown and glory and you have to rep your area. The waitress was bubbly and knowledgeable about the items on the menu which is definitely a plus.

Ash: The service at La Galette is one that I feel restaurants in Accra should seek to emulate. The staff is welcoming, pleasant, they keep a smile plastered across their face the entire time they attend to you. They are attendant and they are there to help. Honestly, 10/10 for service La Galette, you keep winning my heart and emptying my pockets.

Dede: Please don't take an Italian there for the pizza. I'm not too sure they'll be happy with your selection. Any other nationality? Go right ahead sunshine.

Ash: I can’t say your date will proclaim it’s amazing pizza, but I’m sure you won’t go home with your tail between your legs.

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