Kona Cafe & Grill

The Sky bar and the Grill Kona  

Dede: Once again, the place marked on our calendar was closed for renovations so we ended up at Kona. This is why I'm for just winging it, just going with the wind but Ash ain't having none of that. She's the glue that holds us together.  

Ash: And I always arrive at the closed location first. This time the owner was there and gave us (well me, and one for Dede) ice tea as an incentive to come back! Ha! So excited. Anyway, so we altered our schedule and headed on to Kona.

Dede: Kona is on the Osu Oxford street basically opposite Dynasty/ Tip Top Chinese restaurant. Goodluck with parking because they have only space for 5 cars. I bet you could park on the side of the road but those vendors selling the overpriced dashikis and souvenirs will probably tell you, you are are spoiling their business. Just let them know Christmas is over and sales will resume in Easter.

Kona Cafe and Grill Osu

Ash: The space has to be one of my favorites in Ghana at the moment. It is just right, it feels right, you understand the space and it is so so comfy. The ingenuity in the setup is amazing. Honestly, they thought about everything right from the Island bar and Grill Kona when you walk in, to the sky bar and the 3am breakfast they serve on the weekends. Me and Kona are friends, for life. I got there before Dede and really had a chance to soak it in and I must say I love it, I love it as a space to hang or to be sweet with bae, or to just grab a book on my own and read. I love it.

Kona Sky Bar

Dede: I love the space. I like the use of wood and the creativity put into designing the place. You can definitely tell a lot of thought was put into it. I wish they opened in the day because there so much natural sunlight and perfect for snaps, priorities. But currently and maybe forever, they open at 7 so don't be like us and get there at 5. You'll definitely wait for you food honey booboo. Also, it's outside seating so do get your odomos (mosquito repellent) ready.

Kona Cafe and Grill Menu

Ash: The drink names are bae, I like that they played with their menu and made it their own. I wanted to order my signature mojito but Accra Craves so I went with the Dumsor cocktail. It was nice, strong and colorful. It almost tasted like a Tequila sunrise, but I couldn't decipher individual flavors. The color of my drink was mad bright doe, so I'm not so sure why it's called Dumsor.

Dumsor & Royal Bitch

Dumsor & Royal Bitch

Dede: Play on words, Ash, play on words. I ordered the Royal Bitch. Their cocktail menu has the most feisty names, I'll like to meet the person that came up with it and pick their brain. My drink was basically a rendition of korkokoo from republic, the most popular cocktail in Ghana. It was a medley of mint, hibiscus and rum. I wish it had come frozen or very very cold, I feel like that would have given it the kick it needed.

Ash: Im not sure what play on words you are talking about, but aykay. I don't think it tasted anything like Kokrokoo either.  Well I tasted it, so maybe trust Dede but it tasted more like a Bisap(Sobolo) flavored mojito with just a hint of ginger. I quite liked it to be honest, but it definitely needed ice. 

Kona Cafe and Grill Starters

Dede: I was gunning for the samosas for starters but the waiter hit me with “Oh madam we don't have that one, we have springrolls”. I should have hit him with “Will Monopoly money be fine as well ?”. The spring rolls were a vegetarian options so I passed on that and settled for pork, chicken and beef khebab Ash had ordered. She really wanted calamari, but I've come to a conclusion I'm not a seafood fan especially calamari so being the oldest, my vote carries 90% of the weight so no calamari for us

Ash: I’ll remember this 90% in the future ma!

Dede: The chicken kebab was my favorite. The chicken was so soft and basically fell of the stick. I wished it was seasoned/ spiced a bit more, for the person always complaining about spice to be saying this, you definitely know it was a bit under seasoned. That was the running theme for all of them. The beef kebab was a bit tough and the pork was unmemorable. I have to believe they are new so they are working on securing reliable vendors because the portions were kiddie menu portions. For the price of the kebab, I was expecting something bigger.

Chicken, beef, pork khebab

Chicken, beef, pork khebab

Ash: The chicken kebab was my favorite too. I took a bite and it was just so moist and yummy. First thing I noted was, it's not your roadside kebab, this one is dada bee charcoal grilled kebabs. So brace yourself. I agree with Dede, a little more pepper would have been life itself. The pork didn't really taste like pork and the beef was tough, kinda tasty but tough. At this point I realized that Kona was for the vibes not for the food-gasm, which to me is okay. Would I suggest you talk to your chef, maybe change him… Yes! Will I be mad if you don't? I doubt it. I'll still come back. At this point I completely reduced my expectation of the main to zero.

Dede: After our kebabs, I knew we had taken the L with the pork chops and should have ordered chicken. My friend actually told me to get the chicken lollipop but I was thinking “ Chicken, that's so basic” where they do that at. Sometimes humble yourself and listen. The pork chops comes with a side and we chose sweet potato fries. The key word in that sentence is We. So Ashley is on a diet equals we share the main. She has really made me rethink if my mantra should be sharing is caring cause I don't always want to share. Guys, please ask her why she is on a diet. Inquiring minds will like to know.

Ash: Disclaimer - I'm not on a diet. I've been unwell and need to change my diet completely to fix my body. Which means every Accra Craves trip for the next 8 weeks is sharing plates cuz ideally I'm tasting not consuming a plate, steady disobeying doctor’s orders because I love my accra cravers!!!!

Kona Cafe and Grill Osu Menu

Dede: The sweet potato fries were less like fries and more like chips. It tasted good just a teeny bit dry but you completely miss that if you eat it with the pepper and ketchup combo. The pork chops was advertised as tender sumin sumin. It was a struggle for me and my fork. It wasn't a struggle to chew but it definitely was a struggle to cut into. The portion was once again off the imaginary kiddie menu, it was two cute porkchops on the plate. I'm on the fence of saying we got what we paid for because it was very small but Ghana is also very expensive now.

Kona Cafe and Grill Sweet Potato Fries Pork

Ash: Reducing my expectations was the right thing to do. I think it made the food nicer in some ways. When you don't expect too much, you can't really be sad when it's average food and that's exactly what we got. The pork chop was never tender, to cut or to chew. The cook on the meat was overcooked, picked up on some burnt tastes here and there. The meat was seasoned nicely, although it needed a tad bit more salt or maybe change the chef, but that's for another day. The sweet potato fries too were somewhat dry but it was the better part of the plate. I filled my tummy with them and was pleased, all in all the food was pleasant. Definitely not winning any awards but for the price and the ambiance, I'm never complaining.

Dede: In the night, I wish the rooftop setting was well lit. Honestly, I love bright light and I think they are trying to set the romantic mood. I had to use my phone light cause I like to see exactly what I'm cutting into, not ready for any surprises in my mouth. So Kona, since you don't want to open in the day kindly provide some lamps for your girl.

Kona Sky Bar


Ash: Light would be a great idea for the sky bar area, it may make the space less intimate, but people trynna be intimate ain't really checking for onlookers like that. Dede went and ordered Palm wine and some signature drink called slow down. Uh huh! That Slow down, one sip will really tell you about yourself. Nah nah.. Never for me, the smell on its own warns you about what's to come.

Palm Wine. When you realized one of you drunk an ant

Palm Wine. When you realized one of you drunk an ant

Dede: In the spirit of being adventurous. The palm wine was a no in my books, it must be an acquired taste because my taste buds were just not getting it. The slowdown tasted like milk mixed with rubbing alcohol. Why would you want to do that to your liver?

Ash: Honestly, Kona has my heart because of the space. It is everything I personally want in a location. The service wasn't top notch but it wasn't forgettable either, I particularly appreciated our waiters honesty in letting us know about how long our food will take. Nothing beats honesty people. I’ll probably jam at Kona (drink, nibble on snacks and pass around some hookah) more so than come to eat. But again, I don't feel like food is their signature item or that they’re trying to focus on your dining experience, and again that's okay. Nonetheless, it could be the complete package, they may just need to switch up their chef.

Dede: The customer service was a bit slow in the beginning, but in their defense, they weren't officially opened. It's a space I'll definitely go to again. This time I'll order the chicken and ask for it to be spiced to the T. Can't wait to try out their coconut stand as well. Some mommy advice "Kona, you have so much potential, i'll hate to see you put it to waste. Back to the drawing board with your chef and the sky is your limit."  

Kona Cafe and Grill Coconut Stand

Price List
Chicken Kebab  GHS 4.99
Pork Kebab        GHS 4.99
Beef Kebab        GHS 3.99
PalmWine           GHS 5.99
Pork Chops         GHS 27.99
Dumsor               GHS 19.99
Royal Bitch         GHS 19.99