Joyful Doughnuts

Joyful joyful, Lord, we adore thee

Location : Joyful is right before airport hills. Google maps will never get you there. You take the left at the palace traffic light then first right, go all the way to the end of the road and take a right and it's at the end of that road. Kindly call and preorder for donuts cause I missed that memo and ended up with an hour wait time and I wasn't the happiest camper after 30 minutes. They deliver as well but you gotta call for those fees. Instagram - @joyfulcakesgh
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Dede: They have Sugar, Custard and Nutella donuts available. 

Nutella, Sugar and Custard Donut

Nutella, Sugar and Custard Donut

Ash: So we tried all three!

Dede: As the big babes we are.

Custard Donut

Custard Donut

Custard Donut

Dede: The donut was super airy, light yet filling which was a running theme for all of them. I wish they were a bit more dense though. The custard was light and 50/50 filling. It was so yummy and with every bite you get some custard as well. I was actually surprised by how much filling there was, I'm not complaining.

Ash: I enjoyed the custard donut. The pastry part was very light and airy. I would have loved some more custard in mine, I want a 30-70 pastry to filling ratio. Because of the density of the pastry it'll always be more dominant than the filling, but I want to enjoy the filling with almost every bite of donut. But all the same this was a light and refreshing donut, that’s it, it was refreshing. Definitely a winner.

Dede: Where they do 70% filling at?

 Sugar Donut

Sugar Donut pon the middle

Sugar Donut pon the middle

Dede: Sugar donut is basic af but that should be expected. It's fluffy and airy. It's for all of y'all who don't like fillings or our most calorie watchers. You’ve found yourself a dessert. I wish I hadn't gotten it so I could have gotten an extra custard or Nutella but Accra Craves adaroma. 

Ash: Anyone remember Bus Stop Donuts? It was like memory lane right there. While I did enjoy my sugar donut, I did get bites that tasted very much like fried dough, particularly with the Nutella donut.


Nutella Donut

Nutella Donut

Nutella Donut

Dede: OMG guys! The Nutella! Joyful is far from stingy with the Nutella filling, it actually oozes out when you take a bite. Not messy levels but it's that much. Initially, I thought it was a bit expensive in comparison to Doughman but her filling can't compare to Doughman. It is a Nutella filled donut. Not chocotella, not milochella and not nutchello. If you love Nutella, not even if, judging you if you don't like Nutella actually. I don't like Nutella said no one ever. This is worth every cedi and my fave.


Ash: The Nutella filling was definitely leaning more towards the filling ratio I'm begging for, it was an actual oozefest. Anyone tried funnel cake? That's exactly what this donut tasted like to me, funnel cake dripping Nutella. The Donut did have fried dough hints, which I guess it is, but I wanted it to be a donut and not fried dough throughout. Dunno if I'm making any sense, but if you've had fried dough or funnel cake I know you feel me. But that said, don't get me wrong it was an absolute foodgasm and I will eat it again and again and again.. forget all this fit fam stuvvz!

Dede: Defoz here for the fried dough taste. It doesn't scream doughnut. I think if it was just a bit more dense, it will move from the fried dough camp to doughnut. Before, my little Einstein come and tell me but a doughnut is fried dough, remember bofloat is also fried dough but we don't go around calling it a doughnut. Here for these dougnuts, nonetheless.


Purse Struggles
Nutella and Custard - GHS 6.50
Sugar - GHS 5


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