Welcome to Jamrock


Dede: I’ve wanted to go to this place forever. Been peeping it on people’s snapchat and forever stalking them on insta so I was the happiest little camper when we finally made it.

Ash: And we made it just before the rain.

Dede: Jamrock is opposite the East Legon starbites, it’s impossible to miss. We opted to sit inside, I’m always opting for outside seating, we have to bask in that Vitamin D. But when we checked out the inside seating, it won our hearts over.

jamrock east legon

Dede: For drinks, let me state now that I ordered the Mojito, but Ash, President of the Mojito Club finished the whole thing. This babe thought I wasn’t watching, it started with her telling me her drink was one that she thought I’ll love. I tasted it and didn’t love it so she tried another tactic, before I knew it her sunrise, which was infact a sunset was in front of me and my mojito had moved to her side. But sharing is caring so I gave it to her. My first sip of the mojito was filled with granulated sugar. Would Mojito taste the same if they used sugar syrup? I'll definitely opt for that instead of constantly remembering to stir or raise my straw before a sip. Not here for any high maintenance drink. I’m definitely the lazy one. The Tequila Sunrise was bright red, out there looking like ruby woo. It was a bit too sweet for me.

mojito jamrock

Ash: I would like to state that the mojito gravitated towards me. It came home to mummy. The Tequila sunrise was a red sun, but I definitely enjoyed their drinks. They were both strong and tasty, I was pleased.

tequila sunrise jamrock

Dede: The Waffles and Chicken off the kiddie menu was my favorite of the day. I don’t know if the spice on the chicken will be the same for the Chicken and waffles on the regular(adult) menu hence I have to specify. The chicken was spiced just right with hints of garlic and onions. The waffle was the right texture for waffles and chicken, not too airy and not too dense. If I go back, that’s all I’m ordering.

Waffles Chicken Jamrock

Ash: The waffles were heaven for me. Just so yummy. I ate them so fast. I didn’t like the chicken as much though, I have this dislike for chickeny tasting chicken, almost like fishy fish or sea tasting fish. Yaaah. I don’t like those ones. I enjoyed it as a whole, but the chicken could have been better in my opinion.

Dede: Big Bwoy platter. We ordered the oxtail, curry chicken, curry goat and jerk chicken with rice and peas and plantain. The curry chicken tasted like hospital food, I was so disappointed. It lacked flavor and was so meh. The oxtail tasted like tolobeef or tolobeef is the ghanaian name for oxtail. Educate me, guys. The oxtail I enjoyed, it had flavor but there was more bone than meat with some fat chunks in there. I felt like after one bite, it was finished. I’ve come to conclude that jerk is an acquired taste or the jerk i’ve been imagining is not the jerk served at Jamrock. This was actually my least favorite item on the platter. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like jerk or this jerk in particular. There was just an off putting taste/flavor that threw me off. I was extra disappointed because after the chicken from the chicken and waffle plate, I had such high expectations so I don’t know if the kiddie one is cooked different from the adult but next time I’m just going to assume my babygirl status and order off the kiddie menu. Forever a child of God.

oxtail, curry chicken, curry goat and jerk chicken with rice and peas Jamrock

Ash: I refuse to address that tolobeef comment and question. I'll leave that to Jesus! The curry for me was missing flavor, but apparently my tongue loves salt so I’m not sure if it was just me or if it actually lacked salt. There was just some flavor missing. The oxtail was yummy for me, I enjoyed it but the meat disappeared in one bite and I was quite displeased, I wanted another bite. Jerk is an acquired taste, one I am yet to acquire, but my Jamaican house mate from college used to make life changing jerk pork for me. So maybe I have semi acquired the taste for jerk, but I’m doubtful. The last item on our platter was the goat curry, which mind you took about an hour, but again, Jamaican housemate so I know that stew cooks for 4 hours. I loved the goat curry, it will filled with flavor and just had so much spazass! The food at Jamrock was authentic Jamaican cuisine, it had the right spices, the right cook and it really tasted like home cooked food. I miss my Clunies!

Dede: The plantain was hard plantain mixed with soft plantain and I’m on team soft plantain all day errday so I had some mixed feelings depending on the piece I got. The rice and peas, I didn’t really like. I didn’t understand what it was meant to taste like. I guess I was finding it difficult to find something to compare it to.

Plantain jamrock

Ash: Rice and peas had coconut milk in it, which I wasn’t too sure about. The rice and peas also resembled waakye a little too much for me. But it still tasted like it was supposed to, for the most part that is. The plantain I could have done without, team soft plantain outcheaa!

Jam Rock has its hits and misses. The setting is amazing, they need to handle their big ass flies and the food needs to all be at the same level of bellygasm… Authentic Jamaican food here in Accra is my departing comment.