Frankie's Burgers

That ol'school joint 

Ash: Dede always gets the same waiter every time we go, they have a bond!

Dede: We actually do! He's the best but I don't know his name. He looks like the oldest waiter there so look out for him.


The Cheeseburger with Fries

Ash: I do love Frankies’ burgers, I have since I was a teeny weeny tod and I still continue to love them. The Frankies’ burger is a meaty hearty burger filled with love and sauce. The bun I must admit isn’t exactly a burger bun, I’m not sure what it is to be entirely honest, but it worked someway some how. It tasted like a burger, I feel like we should have asked for bacon to spice it up but the burger was still all so very yummy.

Dede: Frankies burger is one of my favoritest burger in the whole of Ghana. The burger is so juicy and filling. There's something about the mayo that they use, i think it's their special recipe or something but it’s so good. I think without that the burger will definitely lose some points. The meat to bun ratio is just right and I think this is a must have burger, actually I know this is a must have burger.

The Cheeseburger with fries

The Cheeseburger with fries

Ash: The side of chips was nice, a little limp and cold but it wasn’t the end of the world. Crisp, hot salted thin cut chips next time people. This time you get a pass. 

Dede: You have to eat side of chips with the coleslaw on the side. I have one beautiful doc who won't allow me to eat coleslaw when I'm out because there will be sick but I think the coleslaw at Frankies will pass FDA approval so you guys should dig in with those chips. Ash is there dreaming about McD fries. I didn't even notice the chips were cold, someone was definitely in her happy place.


The Fried Rice and Chicken

Ash: So I hyped that this was a winner. Guy, I was shy!

The Fried Rice and Chicken

The Fried Rice and Chicken

Dede: This fried rice and chicken definitely took me out of my happy place.

Ash: Dede initially was sold on the fact that Frankies was getting their fried rice from Papaye and plating it as their own. Honestly, I’d have taken that over what we were served. The rice was so plain and just lacked life and happiness. Meh to eat is an understatement. The pepper did make it a lot better and wasn’t overly spiced, but guys, I don’t understand why pepper should make it taste better, it’s like saying jollof and stew, the highlight is the stew. Nah! Then just serve me plain rice and don’t waste both our times.

Dede: The fried rice came out smelling exactly like Papaye so I could have bet my Bentley that they had a deal with Papaye. Well thank God I don't have a Bentley yet because that rice was far from Papaye rice. It was lacked so much flavor and I just wanted to understand what all the tables around us that had ordered it were tasting because I definitely wasn't tasting that. I wish you guys were there to hear ash raving about this food before we got it, I should have let her pay for it.

Ash: The chicken was not flavorful at all and the crust on that chicken was like double, triple dip. So thick and so unhealthy. The marinade definitely didn’t seep into the heart of the chicken piece and I was definitely taking an L on this one. I’m pretty sure Dede revoked my ordering rights yet again. Ha!

Dede: You already know. No more ordering for this camper for a month. The chicken was definitely better that the rice but if you eat it continuously for one week, expect some clogged arteries at the end of that week.


Ash: I’m not sure if there’s any real service at Frankies, but they’re definitely nice and smiley! I’m not complaining, at all. 

Dede: There is definitely real service at Frankies, from my guy ( the one with no name) definitely gonna find his name and leave him one cute tip cause sharing is caring.


Purse Struggles

Burger with Fries - GHs

Fried Rice and Chicken - GHs22.00