Dunkin Doughman 

Doughman makes donuts, obvi mate. You can cash them on instagram, dough_man_foods. You can either have it delivered or picked up in Dzorwulu near the max mart express. All their flavors are on their website (www. They have a cute website, if we do say so ourselves.

Trivia Question : Is it Donuts or Doughnuts?

Dede: I got the Milky Way, White Haven, Custard and Blueberry Coconut.

Ash: I got the same thing, but delivery requires you to order 5 pieces, so I snuck in a Jam donut.

Milky Way - White Chocolate Cream with Coconut Shavings

MilkyWay , Doughman

MilkyWay , Doughman

Dede: The Milky Way is my absolute favv! I get more of a condensed milk vibe than white chocolate but it's really yummy. The doughnuts are just the right texture. They are more Dunkin donut than Krispy Kreme. They are very filling and I'm super glad they don't have a cakey texture. They come fresh as well *sideeying the donuts they used to sell on the road with the sugar at the bottom*

Ash: There has to be some condensed milk in there. Mine had one side drenched in something sweet, condensed milk sweet. I wish I got a bit more coconut, but it wasn’t underwhelming coconut. Yes, they definitely are more dense, I’d say even buffloaf like, not light and airy like Krispy Kreme.

Custard - Doughnut infused with yellow custard

Custard, DoughMan

Custard, DoughMan

Dede: Honestly, I expected the custard to be like a drop cause you know how some Ghanaian confectioners be like. So stingy with the filling, I had the expectation one gets from fan ice meatpie - betrayal. They defs proved me wrong. It was the right balance and fresh as well.

Ash: It wasn’t really custard though. It definitely had a good amount of what I’d call a yellow cream filling but it was never custard. You didn’t get that custard taste or that touch of sweetness with custard. But it was there in good amounts, although I wish a bit more. This was a general theme across all the donuts for me, the fillings only gathered around the center, so you had a lot of dough and no filling. So more like, half custard half donut vibes.

Dede: I agree with Ash. It wasn’t custard but it still worked for me as the resident funcho.

Blueberry - Blueberry sauce with coconut shavings

Blueberry, Doughman

Blueberry, Doughman

Dede: This one is for the people who love tarty flavors. I got a lemon vibe of it but I think it's the blueberry cause it ain't the sweetest berry in the bunch. The blueberry is a bit overpowering so you lose out on coconut taste. It's still good and super filling just not my fav because of my sweet tooth.

Ash: I think this was definitely my fave. I loved the coconut drenched in the blueberry. Also because it’s spread across the entire donut you get that yummy jam and coconut shaving sensation with every bite. Doughman really got the dough on these donuts right man! They taste really do taste good.

White haven - Donut infused with white chocolate cream

White Haven, Doughman

White Haven, Doughman

Dede: I didn't get the white chocolate flavor at all. I can't place my finger on what it is but it is not white chocolate. The filling was runny and had a condensed milk consistency, I was expecting a denser filling. It was aight, still gobbled it up.

Ash: Definitely not white chocolate, not at all. Mine on the other hand had a white runny liquid coming through it, which I definitely would say was condensed milk as well. It was waaay too sweet for me. This was actually my least favorite. The donut was good but the filling threw me right off.

Jammy - Doughnut infused with Jam

Ash: So I must say this is hands down my fave! Also just because I really really do love jam donuts. But please, it really needs a whole lot more jam. The jam should be oozing out, but I only got just a small tiny weeny bit in the center, so I ate the center and left the donut.

Dede: Didn't try this one but I'll take Ash's word in on it. In a nutshell, Doughman IssaYes. 

Ranking for Dede

1st. Milky Way
2nd. Blueberry
3rd. Custard
4th. White Haven

Ranking for Ash

1st. Jammy
2nd. BlueBerry
3rd. Milky Way
4th. Custard
5th. White Haven

Purse Struggles
3Ghs a pop


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