Cuppa Cuppacino

Cuppa Cuppacino is a cafe/ bistro/ coffee shop opposite 805 in Airport. It's on google maps and super easy to find.  We know data is expensive but take a left, take a right is also not easy.

Ash: It's really not easy. Check out our 805 post, then across the street is Cuppa. 

Dede: I love the cute space they've got going on. It was a quite hot inside though, not hot enough to sweat but the AC must have been on fan mode. 

Ash: Actually I'm not sure what Cuppa is, I think it's a cafe and I love love love the smell of the coffee in the air. I am a feen, I'm not shy about it. It's just a really cozy, I want to spend my whole day here vibe. Ugh. love. 

Dede: I love the cuppa menu, you guys know my favorite types of menu, the ones that are jam packed with endless possiblities. I think I was lazy today because for drinks I just went with the most popular. Lazy af fr

Ash: You know those are the menus I hate, the possibility of a fail is just so high, so we ordered the most popular everything! 

Dede: The most popular iced tea was the orange lemon according to Gifty, the waitress. It was refreshing but quite sweet but then again I asked for less ice. This time my trick to getting more of the drink worked against me cause I think the ice would have watered down the sweetness for sure.


Dede: In unrelated news, please tell me why the bartender at Tea Baa has started to reduce my drink when I ask for ice on the side?

Ash: @Yvette, come and answer her please. I got a vanilla latte and it was soo soo yummy! Like I said, coffee feen.  


Dede : The bacon avocado salad was yummy. The portions are massive and filling and they were not stingy with the bacon. You can literally get a piece of bacon in every bite which is super rare in Accra. I wish the bacon was cooked just a bit more to get a bit of a chew and crunch.  The avocado was fresh and the feta cheese was all Ash, I really don't know what it was doing there. 

    Bacon and Avocado Salad


 Bacon and Avocado Salad

Ash: I think that was the biggest plus for me, it was a super generous plate in every sense. Nothing was scarce on the plate. It was fresh and light and really just yummy. We got the feta cheese as an extra but it just added another level of freshness to the salad. I gobbled down my half and that was lunch for me. The garlic bread I didn't enjoy soo much. It wasn't very fresh or crunchy, tasted like it had been microwaved and was definitely chewy. 


Dede: In my humble opinion, all the sandwiches at Cuppa Cuppacinno taste the same. Unless you choose a Tuna sandwich, nothing can taste like a tuna sandwich. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It's good in that it shows consistency but all the sandwiches I've had taste the same. Maybe it's the bread or the butter. We got a chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich. The sandwich is good and filling but you can't really taste the different elements in there. I didn't have any uh huh moments identifying the different ingredients and that was boring. 


Ash: Yeah! This sandwich was hellah basic AF. Again, super generous with the serving but it was a sandwich. It will fill you up but there was nothing fireworks about it. And this is their best seller. I had one of the bite sized sandwiches and chose to stick to my salad. 


Purse Struggles

  • Bacon and Avocado salad Ghs25                                  
  • Feta Cheese Ghs6 them
  • Vanilla Latte 
  • Ice Tea 
  • Bacon and Avocado sandwich Ghs 28


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