Cupcake Series - Tim Bäcker

Welcome to the Cupcake Series.

There are as many cupcake companies on Instagram as there are Instagram celebrities. It seems like everyday a new one pops up. We at Accra Craves are looking for the best cupcakes in Accra so you don't have to. This series is going to focus on the taste, description, presentation, customer service and price of all the cupcake shops we can find.

We are here to help you understand cupcakes; everything from description to anticipation to expression. What they should look like, feel like and taste like - we really pride ourselves in being connoisseurs of the art of cupcake-ry.

Season 1, Episode 1 : Tim Backer

What we ordered: Vanilla, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel and Baileys.

Vanilla : Vanilla cake with a creamy, silky smooth vanilla pudding filling

Vanilla Cupcake

Vanilla Cupcake

Dede: I loved that there was actually a surprise filling in the cupcake and it wasn't like the hollow meat pies the Fanice roadside vendors sell. The cupcake was filled with a rum infused creamy custard, if my taste buds serve me correct. The vanilla was moist but was not soaked by the filling as that tends to happen sometimes. It wasn't messy to eat regardless of the filling and every bite was perfect. It was like a remix of cake and custard on Christmas Day.

Dulce de Leche filling

Dulce de Leche filling

Ash: Finally a cupcake in Accra that stays true to its claim to be filled with something. I went into that cupcake half expecting nothing, and what a pleasant surprise. The centre oozed with that tasty Dulce de Leche filling. Yummy Yummy in my tummy. The cake was baked to perfection; light and airy with the right amount of creamy filling to compliment the cupcake. The filling really gave it that extra touch, making it more than just your everyday vanilla cupcake. To be honest, I was just happy that unlike most “filled cupcakes” in Accra, the filling hadn’t evaporated.  

Salted Caramel : Caramel in, Caramel Out

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Dede: If I had to rank the cuppies, this will be 4th position. I wish it was just a Caramel cupcake without the salted feature. The consistency of the cake was perfect, it was soft but not over airy and the right moisture but I didn't like the salted caramel topping. It was a bit too salty for me. Ash on the other hand, absolutely loved it.

Ash: I completely disagree. This was hands down the best cupcake I have tasted in Accra thus far. (p.s. I may be lying and this ranking is likely to change on a day to day basis) Nonetheless, I loved it. It was everything in one. The salt elevated the caramel to give you that perfect sweet high. The sweetness was so well balanced, I was amazed. Honestly, it tasted like Werther's Originals on drugs, so if you love that caramel yummy-ness this is definitely the cupcake for you. And to second Dede’s comments, Tim always has the perfect bake on the cupcakes. Texture, moisture, taste - Complete Cuppigasm!

Baileys :  Baileys infused cake with two sidechicks - Coffee and chocolate



Dede: Baileys cupcakes are my absolute favourite. They are my go to on any cake menu, so now you guys know what cupcake flavour you can order for my Christmas pressie. Just throwing it out there, 51 days till Christmas. Anyways, I love how Tim nails the moisture of the cakes, and the best part, they still stay moist after 3 days. *Cupcake hoarder over here.* I love the fact that the chocolate and coffee didn't overshadow the taste of the Baileys. It was the perfect balance. I wish there was more Baileys, I got a hint of Baileys and I really would have liked a double shot but it was yummy all the same.

Ash:  As soon as Tim described this cupcake. I thought to myself, Gotta have it! Gotta have it! I love everything coffee, and chocolate. And then baileys too - wawolo. I was too excited. And for once, I say this with tears in my eyes people, for once a Ghanaian cupcake lived up to its gourmet description. The hint of chocolate and the undertones of coffee gave that cupcake a life of its own. What I loved most about this cupcake was the dimensions it had; the flavours were dynamic in that you could isolate each individual component but as a whole it formed a complete flavour that just made gastronomic sense. I absolutely loved this baileys cupcake, Tim is really bringing his Sunday best to this cupcake game.

Dede: Ash, do you have a dictionary next to you? Gastronomic for the win.

Red Velvet : 

Red Velvet 

Red Velvet 

Dede : I think you are tired of me talking about the moisture. It clearly carries across in all his cakes. Tim is doing something right in moisture town. When I was in Uni, I made the best red velvets in the world, you can ask about me. *Tooting my own horn.* I realized that the key ingredient, thanks to my google recipe, was buttermilk. When I saw, whilst stalking Tim's page as I do to all cupcake Instagrams,Tim used cultured buttermilk, I knew we were in for something yummy. The red velvet cake is fantastic, you get a hint of cocoa for you to know it's not vanilla cake dyed red. However, I  wish the icing was cream cheese. In my opinion, that's what makes a 10/10 red velvet Cuppy. I found the frosting just a bit airy and boring.

Ash: Unfortunately I didn’t try this one. So you’re gonna have to take Dede’s word for it. But on the note that she introduced me to Crumb’s life changing red velvet cupcakes. I’ll say trust her on this one.

Dede: And I introduced her to ALL the good things in life, you guys have to really take my word.

The salted caramel was drizzled with caramel and the rest iced. Honestly speaking, I don't know what extraordinary toppings can be placed on vanilla, red velvet and bailey's cupcakes that won't take away from the taste. The airy frosting smudges easily so your cupcake can get very messy if you fall into those demonic potholes on the road. You better strap them in tight!

Customer Service
Dede: I think Tim can improve in this area. I find that he is very withdrawn which can come off as a bit snobbish and nonchalant. Please interact with us more Tim.

GHs 7 a pop. Box orders are GHs7 x quantity desired. I think he (and all cupcake bakers) needs bundle deals. Trick us into buying more. We don't know if that's his regular pricing or fair (La Fiera) pricing so please call before you budget.

Order Basis
Instagram : coco_snob
Location : Osu

Connoisseur's note : Keep slaying Tim! Keep slaying!