Counter Burger

The first build your burger in Accra

Dede: Counter Burger is in the food court of the Accra Mall, no long ting.

Dede: I love the menu, you guys already know I love menus that ensure I'm spoilt for choice. There were so many options and if it wasn’t for my limited funds and stomach space, I think I would have ordered 3 things. For 2017, I pray for increased commas in my bank account and stomach space. Gyi so Amennnn!

Counter Burger Menu

Counter Burger Menu

Ash: And you know I'm the exact opposite, an overly extensive menu honestly just annoys me. It's too much, I can never choose. Anyway, after too much back and forth, I settled on the Holy crab burger, please don't ask me why.

Dede: I ordered the Red Eye. It wasn’t the cutest burger to picture but it did taste good. It's basically a breakfast burger and I love breakfast/brunch. I'll defos be the breakfast for dinner kinda wife. The bread is a british muffin and I ordered my hamburger patty medium well. AccraCraves Tip: Order medium well or medium so you get a juicy patty cause well done especially in Ghana means dry af (and flat, and flat *eyes emoji*). The sweet srirachi sauce and muffin had a slight sweetness to it and you guys already know that sweet and spicy is my favoritest combination in the whole world. The sweet potato fries, which comes at an extra cost, where they do that at though?, was yummy as well. It wasn’t as crunchy as I wanted them but it was actually sweet potato fries and not sweet potato chips that can be likened to yam chips. I went somewhere once and asked for sweet potato fries and the waiter proudly walked in with sweet potato chips. So confident he was.

Red Eye, Counter Burger

Red Eye, Counter Burger

Ash: My Holy Crab burger was meh! I didn't particularly like the bun, it was quite soggy and I can't stand a soggy bun. The crab cake wasn't my favorite either, altogether it just didn't work like I had imagined when I ordered it. But I got the BBQ bacon burger to go and oh my oh my! That is a great burger! You get the smoky bacon topped with some BBQ sauce, it's a real grill house type burger and if you love that smokey wood taste, this is the burger for you.

Holy Crab Burger, Counter Burger

Holy Crab Burger, Counter Burger

Dede: The nutella salted pretzel milkshake wasn’t fanice. That is such a big deal and for that counterburger gets double snaps. The nutella you could definitely taste but not so much the salted pretzel but then again nutella is such an overpowering ingredient that I don’t really blame counterburger.

Nutella & Salted Pretzel Float

Nutella & Salted Pretzel Float

Ash: 10 claps for counter burger for serving up a real mouthwatering shake! And like all authentic American food hubs, the portion sizes are mega fun and will leave you stuffed. The milkshake like D said was more Nutella than pretzel but you did get salty hints every now and again. Again, 10 claps for the authenticity.

Dede: The waiter was ok. Honestly, he was oversabii. You know the kind that hovers around you and touches your camera and looks at what you are doing on your phone. He really invaded my personal space and I'm #teampeople so it was definitely an invasion. He was knowledgeable about the menu though so one star for him.

Ash: Over sabii is an understatement. I love present waiters who actually care about your experience. But this waiter took it to another level. He was more on the verge of interrupting the experience than enhancing it. I guess the waiters union of Accra must begin to teach balance in service provision.

Dede: Bruh, counterburger is not easy on the pocket. They have a build your own burger menu, but by the time I finished building my burger, my pocket was like “It’s a no from me”. If you are trying to take bae and he/she takes that build your own burger form and you see him/her check check check like the pencil never stops moving just say you are not hungry and you really just came to see him/her eat and admire their beautiful face. *use of him/her as per women empowerment, babygal new year new you, kindly take bae on a date all on youuuu :)*

Ash: Make sure you're stacking, especially if you intend to build your own burger.

Purse Struggles

  • Red Eye -  Ghs 45
  • Holy Crab - Ghs 48
  • Nutella and Salted Pretzel Shake  - Ghs 24


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