Café Mondo

sandwiches and Lattes

Ash: With the rapid rise of Coffee shops in Accra, you know your babes had to check one out.

Cafe mondo is next to Metro TV in Labone. It's a small area cafe with yummy lattes and friendly service.

Dede: They boast of free wifi but apparently they had just undergone some interior renovations and the router had been moved. Basically, no free wifi for us. The waitress did promise though that the next time it will be available.

We split a tuna sandwich and we each tried out different lattes.

 Ash: PSA: those lattes are sugar baths. So don't be like me and go and empty two sugar packets into it. You will get diabetes in the process of drinking it. The sweetness aside, my vanilla latte was warm and an absolute delight to sip on.

Dede: Ash’s Latte came before mine and after seeing her take the L with emptying two sugar packs, I thought emptying one pack will put me on the winning side. I think the lattes are naturally sweet so please stay away from the sugar packs. They came out nice and warm with the milk frost at the top. I thought my hazelnut will taste like Kinder Bueno in a cup, it almost almost did.

Ash: I love their tuna sandwiches, with all the veggies. They even have pickles in them. Love! I do wish they were a little more generous with the filling of the sandwich. That tuna mix a little scanty in there.

Dede: The tuna sandwich was yummy but way too small for the price. For 25 ghs, I expected something bigger or two times of what we were served. I'm not a fan of pickles but the pickles were actually a pleasant surprise in this sandwich. Not everyday I'm not a fan.


Purse Struggles

Vanilla and Hazelnut Latte - 13 ghs

Tuna Sandwich - 25 ghs