A Cafe called Kwae

The upscale cafe in One Airport Square 

Finally I ate at Cafe Kwae. I've been there about three times since it opened but never gotten around to grabbing something to eat. Weird right

Cafe Kwae (pronounced kw:eye, as you can tell I clearly failed linguistics) is located in One airport square, the zigzag building down the road from Holiday Inn. It is definitely the quintessential cafe of Accra. I absolutely love the space with mason jar light lamps, the wood and metal fusion furniture and quirky design pieces but no one loves the place more than my friend, Kat.
Dear Kwae, you have to give her a gold member card, just putting it out there. Cafe Kwae is both Ghanaian owned AND woman owned, which is sorta kinda a big deal.

Anyways, jumping off my pan-africanist, feminist horse, I went to Cafe Kwae with my friend Tsatch since Madam Ash was a bit busy. *side eyeing her* Please ask Ash where she was that she couldn’t come with her fellow Accra Craver to lunch. Tsatch, however, was a fantastic honorary Accra Craver.

Public Service Announcement : As a cafe, Kwae’s menu is quite modest featuring sandwiches, wings, seafood bites and salads. Casually throwing shade at my fellow Ghanaians, don’t come in and sulk when you don’t see jollof or grilled chicken thigh on the menu - not everyday honney not everyday. We ordered the prawns, chicken cobb salad, chicken sandwich, the cucumber pineapple mint juice, very berry/fruity drink, banana bread pudding, salted caramel brownies and ice cream. I’ve been on some healthy tip lately thus my chicken salad. Ask me who sent me?

The Chicken salad is delicious. It is layered with bacon bits, chicken strips and boiled egg slices. Honestly speaking, that was what made it bearable for me. Big ups to the vegetarians out there, I don’t know how you do it and I don’t think I want to know. The dressing was a vinaigrette, my fake healthy self wishes it was a creamy dressing though.

The prawns were seasoned to perfection. The portion was a bit on the small side though, we got 4 prawns to be exact. I’m actually not a seafood fan since I had a bad experience with calamari and salmon on two different occasions and they’ve scarred my outlook of Ariel’s little friends under the sea. Tsatch loved it and due to some angels shining on us, we got 2 sides for the price of one; the steamed veggies and the skinny fries. Won’t He do it? Tsatch thought the steamed veggies were fresh and the skinny fries, a perfect combination with the prawns. The prawns come with a green pepper sauce that isn’t for the weak hearted but definitely adds some zest to the prawns.

The chicken sandwich, now I was in for a surprise, the description says spicy mayonnaise, what it should have read was SPICY** *inserts flames emoji* mayo. By now you should know my tongue has zero tolerance for pepper, I don’t know what happened in the gene pool but I think I skipped the pepper pool for the luscious hair pool, ya know what I mean. Anyways moving on, there is avocado in the sandwich so that helped to alleviate my tongue but the owner is so sweet, I told her about the pepper knockout and she said the pepper specks can be on the high side for some. So I hope the next time, maybe, I can have it with just mayo, hint hint Kwae, because it’s still a tasty sandwich.

The drinks were so refreshing. The cucumber mint pineapple juice is such a refresher. It’s the perfect drink to cool down with on a hot sunny day in Accra, which is everyday. I wish it came in a mason jar because mason jars have a way of just making everything taste better even water. Tsatch’s drink, the very berry/fruity ice tea came in a mason jar, there was jealousy spewing out of my eyes. He absolutely loved his drink, he loved it so much he got one to go. I was tempted too but madam fake healthy decided on water to go. Who does that actually?

On to desserts. Salted caramel brownies, I don’t know what happened to plain caramel but I’ll like to send salted caramel back to where it came from. I guess the contrasting flavors just don’t do it for me. Heads up, the brownie is made of dark chocolate so it can come off a little bitter. When Yvette, the owner, asked us about the dessert, Tsatch with the sweetest tooth, I have to check his mouth for kaka, said it will be amazing if it was complemented with vanilla ice cream and she generously offered us some ice cream. It was the perfect complement for this warm chocolate goodness, sadly, I only had one bite because 1. I'm not the #1 fan of chocolate baked goods and 2. my banana bread and butter pudding was waiting for me.

It hurts that I was almost full when my pudding came. I’m looking for whoever said there’s always space for dessert. There was space, just not enough. The pudding comes straight out of the oven in the cutest metal bowl so you have to wait a bit for it to cool down. It’s glazed with caramel NOT salted caramel if my taste buds serve me right and it is just amazing warm banana, caramel, bread pudding in your mouth and then in your tummy. It’s a very rich dessert so I personally think it’s one to share. You and bae, you and mum, you and your dog. I’m not judging.

The staff at Cafe Kwae are so sweet and attentive. Gold stars to the owner and the waitress, Rosina. They come around to make sure everything is okay and they are responsive to critiques and comments. Good customer service which has turned into a luxury in Ghana is freely given at Cafe Kwae. I love the prices at Cafe Kwae, it’s so affordable. As current President of the funemployed club I could afford to go there every other day, if I lived walking distance.

Purse Struggle 
Chicken Sandwich -  Ghs 25
Chicken Salad -Ghs 25
Prawns - Ghs 45
Cucumber pineapple mint juice -Ghs 10
Very Berry/Fruity - Ghs 8
Banana Bread Pudding -Ghs 25
Salted Caramel Brownies - Ghs15

PS. I am [im]patiently waiting for their Brunch menu

                                                                                                                                                   - Dede