Burger Brother Company

When You are big, You are big 

Dede: We are actually gaining recognition now and slowly our government names are being replaced with Accra Craves *side eying all those who scream out Accra craves after working hours* Anyways, we got our invitation to the launch of burger brothers company.

Ash: Burger Brothers was started by a group of friends, honestly if I tell you I remember the story I'm lying, I'll take notes in the future. I promise. But the summarized version; Once upon a time, one of the brothers wanted to do something gourmet with yam and plantain, the gastronomist (we all know who he is, cuz he is also a big star) said no, nah nah. Fast forward to the end, the two became three and they came up with the brilliant concept of creating a mobile burger station. "Burgers on the go, who can say no!" Honestly, they gotta pay me for that line, it’s a winner.

Burger Brother Launch Menu

Bacon Brother Burger

Ash: I loved the Bacon Brother Burger, its the BBB. HA! Everyone needs to call it that now, " Can I have a BBB please?" And remember it started here. Anyway back to reality, the spice on the burger is amazeballs AMAZEBALLS I tell you. It’s the right amount of zest to give you a tingle, it warms your mouth with just the right amount of heat, which complements the burst of flavour just so perfectly. I'd say this burger is comforting, definitely comfort food. The bun was crisp and warm, the patty was generous in size and tasty too and the sauce was special. I do wish there was a bit more of the sauce on that burger, I almost asked but Dede asked me to pick up my life. So I did. The only letdown for me was that I couldn’t taste the bacon anywhere, nonexistent, not there, couldn’t find it. Do I think actually tasting the bacon will elevate the burger, yessir, it’ll knock up the flavor about three notches is my take. Find a way to get the bacon to come alive brothers, it will make the burger 3 times better.

Bacon Burger Brother Accra

Dede: When I hear spice, you know I have to walk away. The spice on this burger was manageable though but I’m team Mango Chutney! As Ashley said, it seems the bacon was infused in the patty but with the other flavors (spice) taking over, the bacon was practically non existent. Let me tell you that after the launch, I took 8 burgers home as my party bag. Piece of Advice, always be the last to leave food launches. The perks are fantastic!

Mango Chutney Burger Brother Company Accra

The Standard Burger

Standard Burger Brother Company

Ash: Like all Burger brother buns and patties, I loved the presentation, I loved the flare and glamor of the burger, but I am not so sure I loved the mango chutney in there. Not that there was anything wrong, I can’t complain about consistency of the sauce, or how the flavors just didn’t mix, I think this one was just a subjective, I like my burgers to taste like straight meat, I’m not about the extravagant burgers with gourmet touches it seems. But let me not jump the gun, I think avocados in a burger will be life itself. 

Dede: This was my favorite. I used to hate mango when I was young because all I knew then were those little mangoes that you suck on that are synonymous with flies. Fast forward to mutation and big mangoes that can be sliced and now I’m the biggest mango fan on the block. If you read my Villa Grace post, you’ll know how I feel about this burger. I love the way the flavors complement each other and how one patty fills you up. I’m here for Burger Brothers Company. I'm here for avocados in the burgers. I'm here for #team no pickles. I'm here for the skinny fries.

The skinny fries

Skinny Fries Burger Brother Company

Dede: The skinny fries need a post on their own. They are bae.

Ash: I think the Burger Brothers are soon going to take over catering any party that is serving heavy alcohol. Their burgers are bae, their fries are bae. They are every intoxicated person's best friend. 

We love you Burger Brothers and congratulations on an amazing launch! 

For more details on Burger Brothers. Look up their Instagram page @theburgerbrothercompany