Bourbon House Café


Ash: So I peeped this spot driving through Labone and I must say, the decor set-up had me won. We HAD to try it. 

Dede: I didn't really have a say in choosing the place, Ash's heart was set, mans was just hungry.


The Bourbon House Café is located on the Zanzibar road, next to Red Chilli Peppers. It's super easy to find.


Ash: So we rolled up on a cool Wednesday and decided to sit outside cause the breeze was everything. Our waitress was sweet and knowledgeable and she could recite the menu, it was like a class test she had prepared for. 

Dede: I loved the green and mustard chairs outside. I need the plug cause they are a must have for my future home. The waitress did know her stuff.

Ash: I recorded her! Yup, I did! 

Dede: Ash asked her what they have and she said smoodies, she didn't add the 70 ghana though.

Ash: So we ordered the spaghetti bolognese, the jollof and goat meat and the chicken shawarma. 

Dede: Ash ordered the bolognese to spice up our order. I'm back to taking charge of the orders. I'm captain now. Her reign is over.

Ash: Our waitress was a little confused by us saying we were gonna share and as two HUNGRY campers, she only placed the order for our bolognese. 

Dede : Babe babe babe. She lost a star from me for that blunder. I wanted to shed a tear.

Ash: So first, that bolognese.. It wasn't bad. It sure was dry. Never mind there was a portion of burnt stew on our plate. It was very average home cooked spaghetti and corned beef stew. It was tasty, I could get it for a basic lunch with not too high expectations and be a happy camper. Like I said, your girls chomped it all. 

Spaghetti bolognese, Bourbon House Café

Spaghetti bolognese, Bourbon House Café

Dede: The bolognese was quite dry. It definitely needed more sauce to bring everything together. The spaghetti reminded me of talia in waakye, very chingilingi (skinny, for my foreign squad). I was so so hungry, I ate everything but it wasn't memorable. 

The Lunch/Dinner Menu

The Lunch/Dinner Menu

Ash: So as I was saying, your girl Dee as the hungrier of the two almost swallowed our waitress. But in good spirits we waited an additional 20 minutes for our other plates. The jollof and goat came first. 

Dede: Oh Ash, I didn't almost swallow her. I said "eh" in a nice way. Cultivating patience outchea so I think the waitress was sent as a test. In my humble opinion, I believe I passed.

Ash: The jollof. That was an absolute fail. The jollof gets 0 from me. 

Jollof and goat meat, Bourbon House Café

Jollof and goat meat, Bourbon House Café

Dede: The jollof was mushy. I don't like mushy.

Ash: The goat on the other hand was tasty and tender. That I didn't stop eating. We each took one bite off the jollof for tasting sake and called it a day. That was that. 

Dede: I'm not a fan of goat. On the protein spectrum, it'll be my last choice so take Ash's word on this.

Ash: Shawarma was not for me. It was okay, but I'm not a shawarma lover and it had a massive frankfurter in the middle and was overloaded with red onion. I had maybe two bites and left it to Dede. 

Chicken Shawarma, Bourbon House Café

Chicken Shawarma, Bourbon House Café

Dede: You guys already know I love bread. Teamcarbs where you at? The sharwarma was my favorite thing out of our order. It was quite spicy though but I loved it. I wish they will use white onions instead of red cause the onions were harsh on the tongue. The type where you have to brush your teeth maybe 3 times and ain't nobody really got time for that. 

Ash: I also ordered a mint and passion fruit smoothie. It was light and refreshing and just my kind of tangy, so that made me happy. 

Mint and passion fruit smoothie drink, Bourbon House Café

Mint and passion fruit smoothie drink, Bourbon House Café

Ash: Bourbon House Cafe sure does have potential, but their menu needs some shaking up and given that absolute divine space they have, I need them to up their game. The Bourbon House team did come out with flying colors when they discounted our bill due to the jollof fail, i thought that was great service on their part. 

Dede: In their defense, they are still working on their menu cause alot of things were covered with a coming soon sticker. But yes yes to more goodies on the menu. You know i'm always here for good customer service so the discount for the mushy jollof won my heart.

The other menu page, Bourbon House Café

The other menu page, Bourbon House Café

Dede: Ash just wants y'all to see her nails tbh.


  • Goat Meat Jollof - GHs35 
  • Spaghetti Bolognese - GHs28 
  • Special Bourbon Shawarma - GHs30 
  • Smoothie - GHs10


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