Bistro 22

Healthy Lunching at the Bistro

Location: It is located opposite the Zenith bank in Labone, near the Labone Coffee shop or The Cupcake Boutique or Bosphorus.

Ash: Bistro 22 must be one of my favorite, if not my favorite restaurant in Ghana. We had a lunch meeting with an upcoming food brand and we decided to have a healthy lunch… because fit fam.

Dede: Super weird that we've never done a review on Bistro 22. They've added new stuff to their menu, can't wait to try their cotton candy dessert, post processed sugar cleanse.

Octopus, New Addition to Menu, Bistro 22

Octopus, New Addition to Menu, Bistro 22

Ash: So I ordered the chicken Caesar salad, my fave, and Dede got the mango beef salad.

Dede: The beef mango salad is the best salad I've had in Ghana. Hands down, toes down. The portion is so filling and the flavors are just right. Just order it and come back and thank me, please.

Beef Mango Salad, Bistro 22

Beef Mango Salad, Bistro 22

Ash: I absolutely loved my Caesar. So fresh, so creamy.. the croutons were light and crisp and the grilled chicken was flavored just perfectly. This dish was an absolute 10/10.

Chicken Caesar Salad, Bistro 22

Chicken Caesar Salad, Bistro 22

Dede: I had their pesto pasta sometime back. That was super yummy as well and actual pesto pasta. As per I have the picture so had to insert the review.

Penne Pesto Salad, Bistro 22

Penne Pesto Salad, Bistro 22

Ash: If you're looking for a pesto pasta dish, you must try this one. It is absolutely heaven on earth. The pesto is the right blend of earthy and creamy and the pasta is al dente, just the way we like it. *Foodgasm* We ordered water too… because fit fam! I enjoyed my meal and as usual I absolutely adore the space and the service. Side note: watch this space for updates on a new exciting foodie brand.

Purse Struggles

  • Caesar Salad - GHs45 (+12 for Chicken)

  • Mango beef salad - GHs58


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