Cupcake Series - BakeShop Classics

The Classic Cupcakes 

Season 1, Episode 3 - Bake Shop Classics
What we ordered : Vanilla, Chocolate and Banana Muffin

Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cupcake with vanilla icing, Bakeshop Classics 

Vanilla Cupcake with vanilla icing, Bakeshop Classics 

Dede: The vanilla cake comes in 2 options,iced or plain. I always have to scrap half of the icing off a Bakeshop cake because I find the icing a bit too sweet.  The vanilla cake tastes the same way it tasted in 1999. Kudos to bakeshop classics for maintaining their recipe and running theme, if it ain't broke don’t fix it. The vanilla cake is airy but not dry not to say I don't need water after 3 bites but I'll attribute that to their icing.

Ash: I always get the iced cupcake, sweet tooth and what not. I absolutely love Bakeshop cupcakes, I mean it’s Bakeshop cake. Close your eyes, think Bakeshop cake, taste it, taste it, there. That magical light, airy vanilla goodness. mmmmm… It’s impossible to miss a Bakeshop cake, or cupcake, from their signature floral icing to the taste of that cake, you know it's Bakeshop. Basically Bakeshop is Bakeshop, industry standard. Drops mic.  

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cupcake with chocolate icing, Bakeshop Classics 

Chocolate Cupcake with chocolate icing, Bakeshop Classics 

Dede: Once again, two options; iced or plain. I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate cake, it's always my last option when it comes to cakes so I'm always partial towards any flavor but chocolate. The chocolate cake at Bakeshop is well, a chocolate cake. It's more moist than the vanilla, that's for sure and less sweet. Ash can take over with her gastronomic explanation for this one.

Ash: Chocolate cupcake, yummy. Chocolate icing, a little grainy, same issue with vanilla icing. Bakeshop, I need you to return to using fine powdered sugar. It is so hard to describe a Bakeshop Classic cupcake because all I can think to use to describe it is Bakeshop Classic cake itself. This is what I love most about them, they have stayed true to their recipe and succeeded in creating a unique taste that cannot be missed. Definition of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That is what Bakeshop Classics serves up; a classic timeless cupcake.

Banana Walnut Muffin

Bakeshop Classics Banana Walnut Muffin

Dede: Before you come and chew me up that a muffin isn't a cupcake, let me tell you now that I know but since they are cousins I feel like I can throw it in there. Since Bakeshop has only 2 Classic flavors, I had to spice things up and throw this muffin into the order. This muffin is such a moist cinnamon banana walnut combination. I could have done without the walnuts because I'm not a nuts person but that didn't take away from the goodness. It's a must try for anyone who loves banana cake and wants a healthier option and it would be amazing with some chai tea don't you think.

Ash: I hate Chai. So no, I don’t think it would be an amazing combination. But it would go great with some English Breakfast tea. This muffin is moist, every bite a burst of flavorful banana and cinnamon. Snack on it, have it for breakfast, just try the darn thing. It’s pretty good.

Dede: Bakeshop classics has been there since we were in diapers. They were probably every 90’s kids birthday cake. I have a friend who has ordered a Bakeshop cake for every lover, crush and girlfriend that he’s ever had and the cake has tasted the same all through his love life.

Ash: Bakeshop cupcakes are classic timeless cupcake because for me it serves as the industry standard for chocolate and vanilla cake. In simple words, Bakeshop is par. They have succeeded in maintaining very high standards for the taste, texture and presentation of their cupcakes and cakes, they were good then, they continue to be good now. The Bakeshop Classics team has refused to conform to the growing fad of gourmet cupcakes, fancy names, fancy fillings and elaborate icing decoration to make the cupcake more attractive. But you see, Bakeshop Classics understands, they have a product that ain’t broke, so they sticking to it. Forever. With that signature floral icing. Know the brand.

Dede: I think they should conform though, not everyday vanilla and chocolate. I bet our kids wouldn't want bakeshop classics.  Soon red velvet will be the new chocolate and dulce de smarties*, the new vanilla. *just made up that flavor.

Ash: What are you saying? The chocolate and vanilla flavor forms the general starting point of any cake, gourmet, confused, fancy whatever you want to call them. Red Velvet is red chocolate cake and dulce de smarties is vanilla cake with a creamy smarties filling. Come back to earth Dede, I lost you there.  

Dede: It's still not just vanilla and chocolate. Miss me with that.


Presentation : The cupcakes look pretty basic, they are your everyday iced cupcake. 

Customer service : Pretty Basic as well

Price : 3.5 Ghs / 4 Ghs for an iced cupcake

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Location : Trade Fair behind Zenith College

Connoisseur's Note: Continue to stay true to the magic you make. A little surprise flavor every now and again would make us love you even more.