The Nigerian food joint in Airport 

Dede: We are back! Honestly, you guys have to forgive us. We didn’t have money so we had to humble ourselves and take a break but the Lord will provide for his children so we are back with metro boomin faith.

Ash: Metro boomin! Revived and ready to wow your tastebuds! This trip we carried a friend along, it never hurt to get multiple opinions, did it?

Dede: We went to 805 in Airport. 805 is opposite Cuppacuppacino, it’s on google maps so put on your data and locate it please. Side-note : To the people on MTN, hasn’t the LTE data been going like water. I thought I was a babygirl with the LTE sim but it’s like I have to humble myself and ask for my 3g one back.

Ah: 805 is down the road from Koala. If you're heading from Koala to the Nyaho Clinic Road it's off the third right. It's pretty easy to find, if and when your data is not working. We checked out 805 because I was craving pepper soup. So you know that was definitely on the order list.

Dede: For drinks Ash and I ordered water because water is life and water is cheap. But our friend Ace, who was celebrating got a blue colored cooler called the (we forgot the name). Kindly ask for the blue cocktail. 

Dede: I ordered *drumroll* Jollof and assorted meat stew for my mains. Ashley wasn’t the happiest camper with this choice of mine. Infact, she didn’t fail to make her negative feelings known. Honestly, I was going to order red red but then someone’s jollof came out and I was sold. There was no turning back. The Nigerian meals looked interesting but my tummy wasn’t ready for experimenting, please.

Jollof and assorted meat stew, 805  

Jollof and assorted meat stew, 805  

Ash: Side-eyeing that jollof. Can she not be more creative in her orders, I mean even if not for her own tastebuds at least for our #cravers. *sigh*

Table layout, 805  

Table layout, 805  

Dede :The jollof smelt way better than it tasted. It wasn't the worst jollof in the world but it wasn't the best either. The stew tasted like an explosion of maggi and my initial plate of assorted meat was mainly fat. The kitchen was kind enough to change it and brought back actual assorted meat. The highlight of my meal was the Goat Suya which actually wasn't my order but sharing is caring, right. That was flavored just right, the goat was tender and it was such a hit with the bland jollof.

Goat Suya, 805  

Goat Suya, 805  

Ash: In other words it wasn’t nice. It was bland and needed the stew to give it a glimmer of life. Might as well have served her rice and stew. But the goat suya, which was Ace's order was indeed the highlight of the day, I expected suya to be more of a khebab like dish without the stick. It wasn't so. It was more of a grilled goat pepper covered plate but it was tender and yummy so I wasn't complaining. My pepper soup on the other hand needed a pinch of salt but was bustling with heat and goat meat, so I was a happy camper. My water came in very handy, the pepper hit the spot. 

Goat pepper soup, 805

Goat pepper soup, 805

Dede: The customer service was ok. Our waiter, I forget his name, actually had knowledge about the things on the menu but the place seemed a bit understaffed because he disappeared and took forever to return. We sat at the back which is near the kitchen and some waitress/staff decided to have the loudest convo or argument, couldn’t really tell the difference, in front of the kitchen door. That wasn’t too cute

Ash: It was nice that the staff was knowledgeable, it made the service pleasant. Even better we didn't get hit with ‘madam we don't have,’ which has been the norm at restaurants serving local food that we’ve tried so far. My favorite part was the space, I love the interior (even though we didn't get a picture. Sad face), it's minimalistic and clean with big windows that allow a lot of light into the space. It's really a lovely space and will definitely try it again. Need to get my hands into that egusi soup.

 Purse Struggles

Goat Suya : GHC 38
Jollof and Assorted Meat : GHC 45
Goat Pepper Soup : GHC 35

Cocktail : GHC 25
Water : GHC 10



By popular demand we are now introducing a rating system. As we're reluctant to give stars because food is subjective. We're introducing a description based rating system.  

Food Joints will be rated as follows: 

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