A Not so Hidden Gem at Vida e caffe

Accra hath no crack like vida e caffè.


So our first trip to vida e caffè was to talk about Accra Craves. We had a cute little lunch date at the vida e cafe in the World Financial Center.  I mean as working ladies,well one working lady, Dede is currently president of the funemployed association, we showed up for lunch all prepped with our little notebooks and pens, ready to brainstorm.

When you first walk into Vida, Get ready for that “bosa!” (or whatever it is they say)  Honest to God, they literally have a script for when customers walk in and out, their greeting I’m guessing. It’s kinda cute, but I can’t imagine just how irritating it must be for the waiters and waitresses or their everyday clients.

Dede was looking to bask in the sun and get that vitamin D going so we sat in the very hot sun. Because sun is life.They have a cute patio which just really makes you feel cafe’y. If you get what I mean.  



Left to right: Mango frio and Chai frio

Left to right: Mango frio and Chai frio

No, I don't, Ash. I don’t get what you mean. 

It's okay, It has passed. Moving on. So we had lunch, but it wasn’t worth talking about. Vida e Caffè has some crack that goes by the name Frio!

Dede: I’m here for the Frio’s. Wondering what to order at Vida? Frio. Wondering why your babe is acting up? Frio. Wondering why you didn’t get that A? Frio, and maybe you didn’t study. But you get the point. The frio is mamma miaaa *insert all those italian gestures* so yummy. My absolute faves are the chai and mango ones. They are perfectly blended so you don’t get any surprise ice chunk stuck in your straw unlike some questionable frozen drinks I know. And the flavor, mamma mia, explosion of chia or mango goodness in your mouth. This Frio is a life changer.

Chai frio

Chai frio

Dede is obviously more addicterrrrrrd than I. So I shall say no more; Accra hath no crack like vida e caffè.

- Ash & Dede