Bourbon House Café

Bourbon House Café


Ash: So I peeped this spot driving through Labone and I must say, the decor set-up had me won. We HAD to try it. 

The Bourbon House Cafe is located on the Zanzibar road, next to Red Chilli Peppers. It's super easy to find.

Green Eats Accra

Green Eats Accra

Because everyone is on a healthy p

Dede : Green eats is a new new salad bar in Nyaniba. 

Ash: It's on Google Maps, so you know the drill people. And for those of you with zero understanding of how Google is your best friend, take a right into Nyaniba and follow the road down past Judi Foods and into the right bend. Green Eats is on the right. 

Dede: Easy peasy 1 2 3.



Because appaz we not adventurous enough 

Dede: Hiya sunshines. Happy New Year! I’m not even going to give you one excuse about where we’ve been and tell you we are back back again so you can cool story me. Actions speak louder than words so watch this space. 

Ash: Loool. I promise we’ve been working up some magic! Big things happening in our lives and soon! Soon and very soon… y’all gon be whoa’d!

Sankofa Chips

Sankofa Chips are the new kids on the block. We love good packaging and Sankofa may have won us over with that spalala packaging. Issayesss!


Smoked Chili


Ash: These are currently my favorite Ghanaian snack. It doesn't really remind me of BBQ sauce, a sentiment many people seem to share. I actually do not like BBQ so this would be a no no for me if that was the case. Its a smokey, sweet yummy taste I get. I want more and more of the spice. This one is my absolute fave guys. 

Dede: Smoked chilli tastes like bbq, that smoked hickory taste. It's super filling and after a pack you'll definitely feel like you've had a meal. I'm not a fan of bbq sauce but I love this one. Like Ash said, the smokey, sweet taste has won me over. 

Sweet Chili


Dede: This is actually one of my favs.  I love the sweetness even though it's made with unripe plantains. It's less filling than smoked chili so you can probs eat these back to back. 

Ash: I think I've tried this once or twice. I didn't love it but it was sweet and spicy, more sweet than spicy but its still an elevated bag of plantain chips, which is what I love about Sankofa, its elevating and adding some umphhh to plantain chips. 



Ash: Not the biggest fan of this flavor, but then again I've only tried it once so do give it a try and decide for yourself! This was the first flavor I tried actually and I think it was a little too cinnamony for me. I was really hype to try it but then wasn't too thrilled by the combination. Still be loving Sankofa doeee.

Dede: I have such a love hate relationship with cinnamon. I love cinnamon rolls, cinnamon cake, cinnamon cookies but I hate cinnamon flavored gum, cinnamon cologne and cinnamon candy. The plantain chips falls into the love category. Tip: You have to give the pack a couple of shakes to get all your chips fully coated in cinnamon. This is defs one of my favs as well.

Lightly Salted


Dede: This is unripe plantain chips in a gucci outfit. Gucci is the packaging, pumpkins.  It tastes like refined plantain chips made in clean oil. You know how sometimes you bite into a plantain chip and you know that oil is not FDA approved, this one tastes like you'll like to see where it was made.

Ash: Yup, all in the packaging! Dede you've killed me with this Gucci outfit. But who isn't here for FDA approved oil? Kindly raise your hand! 


Chicken and Garlic


Ash: This really is a yummy combination and kinda reminds me of a lays flavor I absolutely love. Can't remember the flavor though so don't ask me. But Sankofa is bae all in all so I have no qualms. They are doing something new and like everything else shaking up the Ghanaian food industry.. I am so here for it. 

Dede: This one didn't win my and the people of Airport Koala's heart. Every time I go there, they are sold out of all flavors but this one. I love chicken and garlic and this flavor is a good combo but you get tired of it so easily and I think that's what has happened to me. I can never finish the pack whereas with spicy sweet, licking the fortune cookie. 


Purse Struggles
Depends where you buy them really, some places we’ve picked them up:
Airport Shell
Cafe Mondo
D'Cafe, Cafe Kwae, Joyful 


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Cuppa Cuppacino

Cuppa Cuppacino

Cuppa Cuppacino is a cafe/ bistro/ coffee shop opposite 805 in Airport. It's on google maps and super easy to find.  We know data is expensive but take a left, take a right is also not easy.

Ash: It's really not easy. Check out our 805 post, then across the street is Cuppa. 

Dede: I love the cute space they've got going on. It was a quite hot inside though, not hot enough to sweat but the AC must have been on fan mode.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden

When the Pesto is all types of fail

Location: Zen Garden is Located next door to the Elite Sports building in Labone. It's on Orphan Crescent opposite the Labone Arcade.

Ash: Zen Garden Zen Garden Zen Garden! Oh how pictures create a false reality! You know how you see a picture of some babe on insta and you think 10/10 guaranteed and you see her in real life and it's like uhm naaah! Thats Zen Garden for you!