Accra Craves is your virtual tour guide to all things Accra and beyond; a lifestyle blog based in Accra, Ghana that gives you the scoop on where to eat, shop and what to do. It is owned by two (insert all fun loving adjectives) ladies, Ash and Dede. The goal is to explore Accra and take you along as their wing person. While we love seeking out new adventures, we absolutely detest poor customer service.


Your Guides

Accra holds so many treasures, treasures that I'm so eager to uncover.  Truth is, we all crave something, for me it was dessert. That's how this journey started for me; looking for a crème brûlée in Accra. Safe to say it never happened, sadly. You see I'm a bit of a foodie, I love good food. But I love to explore too and try new things and challenge myself. And this blog is a challenge I'm über excited about. So sit tight and be my wingman as we indulge all things Accra, together, oh and with my babe Dee too.

- Ash

I've always wanted to start a website like this but I've never had the courage to take that leap. Finally, I mustered it up. I'm so happy accra craves is moving from a dream to reality and I'm able to run this journey with Ash.This adventure is all about wandering with you through the secret and not so secret finds in my beautiful home, Ghana. Accra Craves will serve as a sneak peek into my world so expect the unexpected. I'm so excited. Eeek.  Welcome to Accra Craves! xx

- Dede


Potential FAQs

Q: Who is the Accra and who is the Craves in this relationship?

A: Dede is definitely the general of Accra while Ashley is the one always craving one thing or the other. Together they work harmoniously, Dede suggesting new places Ash has never heard of and Ash willing to try any and everything off the menu. 


Q: Why did you start a lifestyle blog?

A: Refer to Your Guides section above. Thanks.


Q: What do you post about and how often do you post?

A: We post about food, fashion finds, anything cultural or fashion or health or beauty related that we consider gems and last of all we post about fun things to do, alternative forms of entertainment in Accra. Not everyday partying and eating. 


Q: Can we join you for a review session?

A: Why not? Shoot us an email in the Contact Us section. 


Q: Can we send you suggestions? 

A: Of course. Let us know what you think, we're here for everything you have to say. Head on over to the Contact Us section.